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Writing Studio procedure

The Writing Studio welcomes students who are writing papers for courses in any discipline. Writing Assistants (WAs) represent a variety of majors & minors and core courses; each WA posts a list of his or her courses and professors so a student can sign up for an appointment with the WA who is the best voice-of-experience for that course and writing assignment. Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance by signing for a time on a WA’s schedule; the Studio’s door is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday. Appointments cannot be made by telephone, but Writing Assistants can be emailed with requests for meetings.

Meet the Interim Director and Writing Assistants of Ashland University's Writing Studio

Susan Blake, Interim Director


Susan served for six years as an adjunct instructor in the Department of English at Ashland University, where she taught English 100, 101, and 102, as well as occasional literature courses, including The Bible as Literature. Over the years, she has converted French translations of Arabic poetry into English as part of a research project at The Ohio State University, tutored graduate students in French and international students in English, and taught beginning French at Akron University and English composition and humanities at North Central State College. ​

During more than 20 years of work in academic publishing, Susan copyedited and directed the publication of texts for such publishers as the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, McGraw-Hill, and Prentice-Hall,  as well as articles for the Journal of the Astronomical Society, the Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Journal of the American Ceramic Society. She was Director of Editorial Services at a publishing facility before serving for many years as assistant editor for the American Ceramic Society, as well as providing a rewrite service for the Society’s international authors. 

Susan holds a B.A. in French, with a concentration in eighteenth-century literature, from The Ohio State University, where she also studied German and Russian. Her initial graduate work was in French, with a concentration in Francophone and Maghrebian post-colonial literature. After taking a break to raise a family, however, she audited a Hebrew class at Ashland Theological Seminary and surprised herself by earning an M.A. degree in Old Testament Biblical Studies, with a concentration in Hebrew exegesis. Her thesis was entitled Eve and the Quest for the Holy Grail: The Genesis Theology of Camelot. During her time at ATS, she was a dissertation writing advisor to Doctor of Ministry students and a graduate assistant for Old Testament Studies and Advanced Hebrew.

Contact the following Writing Assistants for help:

Alaina Berry

Alaina Berry is a Senior English and Spanish double major.  She serves as the Community Service Intern, the Secretary for the English Honorary, Sigma Tau Delta, and an Intern for the Honors Program.  She also has experience working in the Language Lab and tutoring Spanish on campus, and she studied abroad in Costa Rica over the summer.  Alaina has a passion for reading, writing, and all that literature has to offer – particularly witty puns and symbolism.  Her favorite part of the writing process occurs when a student has that “Aha!” moment and clearly expresses exactly what he/she had been trying to say. Alaina is a writing assistant for Dr. Linda Joyce Brown. 

Mikaela Bush

Mikaela Bush is a Family and Consumer Science Education major with minors in Child Development, Family Studies, and Foods and Nutrition. On campus, she is a Resident Assistant and a member of Ashland’s cross country and indoor/outdoor track teams. Mikaela is familiar with the writing styles and expectations for many of the FCS classes. This is her third year as Kimberly Rogers' writing assistant, although she has limited hours this semester (Fall 2014).

Kyle Buxton

Kyle Buxton is a senior majoring in Integrated Language Arts and is considering becoming a high school teacher after he graduates. Kyle is involved with Young Life at Ashland High School. He loves hanging out, playing soccer, and listening to Pearl Jam. If he could be one Star Wars character, he would easily be Jango Fett. Kyle is helpful at organizing the structure of a paper and generating/developing initial ideas to write about. Kyle is a writing assistant for Dr. Jayne Waterman and Connie Hoehn, as well as for 100 students needing writing assistance.

Jasmine Dansler

Jasmine Dansler is a junior majoring in Creative Writing and has a minor in Spanish. She works in the English Dept. Office as well as being a Writing Assistant in the Studio. She is the Treasurer of the Anime Club on campus. Jasmine is a writing assistant for Dr. Naomi Saslaw.

Erica Gray

Hello! I am a senior majoring in middle grades education with concentrations in Science and Social Studies. I am also working on a generalist endorsement minor in Math and English. I am involved in Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate Middle Level Association, Alpha Delta Pi, AU-GIVS, Habitat for Humanity, tutoring on campus, and writing for the OMLA journal, The Connection. I was very interested in philosophy during my first couple of years here, but sadly it will not fit into my schedule anymore. When it comes to writing, my favorite things to write about are philosophy and education; however, any sort of interest in a topic always makes writing enjoyable!


[Erica is a writing assistant for Dr. Deborah Fleming, Curtis Allen, and Linda Walther.]

Andrew Kistler

I, Andrew Kistler, am completing my fifth and final year of undergraduate work here at Ashland University. My majors are Creative Writing, English, and History. This will be my second year working in the writing studio as a writing assistant, so I am glad to say that I am not as anxious as I was at the start of last year. For a long time I thought that I wanted to study writing and become an author, but now I am not so sure. I will always be happy that I have studied writing, and that knowledge will undoubtedly be of use to me, but I am not certain what I want to do in terms of long term career plans. I have been friends with a number of undergrads that have studied education to become teachers, but I do not think that is what I will end up doing in the end. Whatever the future holds I am privileged to spend the last years studying subjects I love at Ashland.

[Andrew is a writing assistant for Dr. Joe Mackall and Jay Robinson.]

Erica Linderman

I’m a sophomore (junior, credit-wise) Early Childhood Education major with 4/5 Generalist Endorsement and a Spanish minor. In addition to being a WA, I am involved with the Honors Program and am a charter member of Theta Phi Alpha. I am also a math tutor and Honors Peer Mentor. I have written a wide variety of papers and am excited to help you get ideas flowing!

[Erica L. is a writing assistant for Dr. Maura Grady.]

Charlie Michel

I’m a junior mathematics major from Cincinnati, OH. I also hope to attain an English minor by the time I graduate. This is my second year at Ashland (transferred from Saint Louis University after freshman year) and my first year working in the writing center, although I do have a couple years of experience tutoring math. Believe it or not, I love writing research papers! I very much enjoy the research process and the analytic approach required to compose an effective argument. In many ways this is a reflection of my passion for politics, especially with regards to foreign policy and social issues. I read quite a bit, primarily non-fiction but occasionally some fiction as well. A couple of the best books I’ve read recently are Profit Over People by Noam Chomsky and What Went Wrong? by Bernard Lewis. I also enjoy listening to punk music and going to shows, riding my bike, working out, walking/running with my dog, listening to podcasts, and drinking fine craft beer!

[Charlie is presently a writing assistant for students who have schedule conflicts with their assigned WA or no assigned WA, as well as for 100 students needing writing assistance. ]

Chris Moseley

My name is Chris.  I'm a 30 year old English Major and aspiring editor.  I dabble in journalism and creative writing.  I can help most with generating ideas and structuring thoughts.  I like golden age film, basketball, turn of the century lit, 60s pop, vintage comics and records, and the ancient art of vegging.  Look forward to working with you.

[Chris is a writing assistant for Dr. Russell Weaver.]

Kelsey Myers

Kelsey is a senior at Ashland University, planning to graduate in December. She is a Creative Writing and Religion double major and is deeply passionate about the two subjects, consistently awed by the ability of the written word to move and inspire. She is a member of the English honorary (Sigma Tau Delta) as well as Ashland University’s Women’s Chorus. Kelsey is a writing assistant for Dr. Daniel Lehman and Kimberly Rogers.

[Kelsey is a writing assistant for Dr. Daniel Lehman and Kimberly Rogers.]

Olivia Sprague

I grew up on a farm with my older sister and parents in the small town of Fleming, Ohio, and I am a junior pursuing a career in education as an early childhood intervention specialist.  I am a member of Kappa Delta Pi where I currently serve as the Foundational Representative for AU’s chapter, Kappa Nu.  I am also a member of the Council for Exceptional Children.  I have taken Professor Vickie Schwab’s English 101 and English 102 courses as well as Dr. Mondal’s English 314: Women’s Literature course. 

[ Olivia is a writing assistant for Dr. Sharleen Mondal; she has only limited hours this semester.]

Teresa Williams

I am a senior majoring in Marketing and Accounting with a minor in Journalism & Digital Media.  I serve on leadership council for the Newman Campus Catholic Ministry.  I am also the news editor of the Collegian and an officer for the IMA Accounting Club.  My expertise includes research and literary analysis papers.  I have a diverse background in writing a variety of journalism stories, such as news articles and features.  My experiences in formal history and English assignments exemplify my well-rounded composition skill set.

[Teresa is a writing assistant for Carol Trunzo and Dr. Hilary Donatini.]

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