Ashland University Professor to Hold Lecture to Discuss Publications

9/8/11 ASHLAND, OH -- Dr. Craig Hovey, assistant professor of religion at Ashland University, will be speaking about his most recent publications at a book launch and public lecture on Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 7 p.m. in the Ronk Lecture Hall of the Schar College of Education on the Ashland University campus.

Hovey's book titled "Bearing True Witness: Truthfulness in Christian Practice" was published by Eerdmans in July. It is a book about the courage to face the truth about reality, Hovey says, even when it is uncomfortable and even dangerous.

"Christians make some pretty odd claims," Hovey said. "Who would have guessed that somehow a first-century Jew is really God? Or that he didn't stay dead? You just can't know these things unless you're told. So Christianity has always placed great value on the idea of witness."

Hovey notes that the book deals with a wide range of thinkers and ideas from theology, philosophy and ethics.

"Christianity has always taught that the main witnesses are the martyrs," said Hovey, who has written previously on Christian martyrdom. He points out that martyr comes from the Greek word for witness.

Hovey also contributed a chapter in a new book titled "Imaginative Apologetics" published by SCM press last month in England. The book addresses the confusion many Christians have about trying to prove that what they believe is true.

"The early Christians defended the faith against misunderstanding. But they had no illusions that they were proving anything to anybody," Hovey explains. "You can always choose not to believe witnesses."

"When I was growing up," Hovey says, "many of us learned to give 101 proofs that Jesus rose from the dead. We were told that this is apologetics. I think we were trying to say you'd be crazy not to believe it. But it turns out that Christians really do believe some pretty crazy stuff. Crazy but true. And that's the point."

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