Ashland University Professor Selected as President-Elect

10/13/11 ASHLAND, OH -- Dr. Deborah Sullivan, professor of Family and Consumer Sciences at Ashland University, has been selected as president-elect for the Ohio Affiliate of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).

Sullivan's three-year term began this summer during the national convention in Phoenix. She also will serve as president of the Ohio Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (OAFCS) during 2012-13, and as counselor during 2013-14.

According to Sullivan, the mission of the AAFCS is to provide leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families and communities in making informed decisions about their well-being, relationships and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.

She previously served in various capacities at the state and national level, including as co-advisor of student unit and annual meeting committee; vice president of program; long range planning committee; and membership chairperson at the state level; and as council for certification, 2007-2010; higher education unit; education and technology division; and strategic planning phase II ad hoc committee at the national level.

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