Jones’ Potato Chips Now Available in AU’s Eagles’ Nest

Jones’ Potato Chips Now Available in AU’s Eagles’ Nest

4/13/15 ASHLAND, Ohio – A group project by Ashland University students in an “Intro to Public Relations” class has resulted in bringing Jones’ Potato Chips to the Eagles’ Nest snack bar on the Ashland University campus.

The Jones’ Potato Chip Company, located in Mansfield, Ohio, has been family owned and operated since 1945 when Frederick W. Jones, who started out using a supplier, worked his way into starting his own potato chip business. But the company’s potato chip product had not been sold recently on the Ashland University campus up until this year.

That is when a number of communication majors decided to work with the company as a part of a PR campaign group project for an “Intro to Public Relations” class. The students in the group were Maggie Andrews, Zoe Scarpone, Ambrielle Coleman, Sarah Van Wagnen and Megan Furby and the class is taught by Dr. Dariela Rodriguez. The idea to work with the Jones’ company came to mind because it was a smaller, yet successful local business.

“I’m from Mansfield myself and I know how great the chips really are. In my opinion, the company deserves more publicity. Our group thought there would be no better place for their product than at a university,” Andrews said. “Students come from not only other parts of Ohio, but from other states as well. Jones' Potato Chips could be introduced to people who are unfamiliar with the product and they could become lifelong fans of the product.”

For the class, the group had to complete two objectives, the first of which was to get Jones’ into the Eagles’ Nest snack bar. Through emails and meetings, that objective was completed and in the near future, they will be holding an event that will be an introduction of the chips to Ashland University.

The Jones’ Potato Chip Company is set apart from all other chip brands because of the good quality product with a unique taste and guaranteed freshness. They have used the term “marcelled” to describe their wavy chip.

The company prides itself on its high standard when it comes to quality and pleasing customers.  Frederick once said, “Stores sell potato chips one package at a time and customers eat potato chips one package at a time.”

Despite the great popularity of the original bag of Jones’ Chips, the company is evolving. Cooking oils have become a concern and Jones’ has created a new line of chips. The original is still present, but there are other options available with 0g trans-fat. 

The variety of Jones’ Chip flavors is vast. They sell the original marcelled chips in regular, sour cream and onion, barbecue, and salt and vinegar. They have similar flavors in their new line, including hot and cheddar flavors. They also provide a twist on chips with their potato stix line.

For more information about Jones’ Chips and their company, visit the website at

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