Panels and Presentations Announced for Sports and Violence Conference in Ashland

Panels and Presentations Announced for Sports and Violence Conference in Ashland

2/19/16 ASHLAND, Ohio – The panels and presentations for the one-day Sports and Violence Conference that will be held on March 19, 2016, on the Ashland University campus have been announced.

The Saturday conference, which is sponsored by the Ashland Center for Nonviolence at Ashland University, will be held in the Troop Center on the AU campus. The conference will feature Joe Ehrmann as the keynote speaker, as well as national and international experts speaking on a variety of topics.

The cost for the conference, which includes lunch, is $90 or $75 for students with valid ID, while groups of four or more are $72 each. Those wanting to register can call 419.289.5313 or go to

“By investigating the complex relationship between sports and violence at multiple levels including athlete, fan and society and from a variety of different angles such as sociological, historical, practical and medical, the 2016 Ashland Center for Nonviolence Sports and Violence conference seeks to advance important and timely conversations in an interdisciplinary fashion that will appeal to a broad range of groups,” said Dr. Craig Hovey, executive director of the Ashland Center for Nonviolence.

Hovey noted this is a “big tent” conference and that teachers, coaches, sports enthusiasts, concerned citizens, parents, and community and church leaders are all welcome to attend.

The presentations slated for the conference include:

-- Panel: "Concussion in Sports" — Dr. Christopher Boyd, Kris Knapp, and Jeremy Hancock

-- "Hope Solo and Adrian Peterson: Framing Child Abuse in the Media" — Jillian Foster (Denison University)

-- "Psychological Jujitsu: The Stranglehold of Mass Psychology and Mixed Martial Arts on Domestic Violence" — Talon Smith (The Law Offices of Deborah L. Wood)

-- "Dribbling on the Grave of Bin Laden: Intercultural and International Violence in the Carrier Classic" — Raymond Schuck (Bowling Green State University Firelands)

-- "The Mesoamerican Ballgame — Matthew O’Mansky (Youngstown State University)

-- "Race and Gender in Boxing: Masculinity & Identity" — Constancio Arnaldo (Miami Ohio University)

-- "Affection for the Complexion: Hollywood, Race, and Boxing Movies" — Will Cooley (Walsh University)

-- "Aggression On and Off the Field: A Survey of Student Athletes’ Behaviors and Perspectives" — Nicole Johnson and Lori Braa (University of Mount Union)

-- "Killer Slides in Major League Baseball: On Field Violence and Entertainment Value in Sport" — Brian Yim, Theresa Walton-Fisette, James Tunney, and Zach Riemer (Kent State University)

-- "The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game: Picturing Violence in Soccer" — Daniel Haxall (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)

-- "Spectator Violence" — Benyoucef Hafsaoui and Fethi Belghoul (University of Chlef, Algeria)

-- "The Violence of Everyone and No One: Sport, Banality, and Structural Change" — John White (Baylor University)

-- "Abuse in Power: Domestic Violence in Sports" — Dariela Rodriguez, Byron Reyna Corzo (Ashland University)

-- "MMA: Women in Sports" — Alexandra Maris (University of Toronto)

-- "The Sexism of Macho Culture In Sports: Who’s In Charge of Changing?" — Ian Young (Bowling Green State University)

-- "Shattered Nerves and Broken Bodies: Violence in Intercollegiate Football and Auto Racing during America’s Progressive Era" — Brian M. Ingrassia (West Texas A&M University)

-- "Knocking Heads: Culture, Masculinity, and Safety in Youth Tackle Football" — Kathleen Bachynski (Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health)

-- "Wheel Violence" — Duncan Jamieson (Ashland University)

-- "Put Down Your Dukes! Eliminating Bare Knuckle Fighting from NHL Hockey" — Matt Stolick (University of Findlay)

-- "The Effects of Aggression and Bullying on Students" — Emily Wirtz and Danielle Bruno (Ashland University)

-- "Nation Building Through Sports" — Abhinava Goswami (Ambedkar University)

-- "Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & A Coaches’ Role" — Dessie Clark (Vanderbilt University)

--"'I Would Hate to See Our Good Name Tarnished': How Social Media Users Respond to a Footballer Sexual Assault Case" — Deb Waterhouse-Watson (Macquarie University)

-- "Bullying in Professional Sports" — Mark Hamilton (Ashland University)

-- "Laying the Smackdown on Hate: WWE's Paradoxical Relationship with Anti-Bullying Campaigns in Schools" — Rebecca Steiner (Wake Forest University)

Ehrmann, the conference keynote speaker, is a former National Football League defensive lineman who is now an educator, author, activist, minister and motivational speaker. Ehrmann was an All-American football player at Syracuse University, was selected to the Syracuse All-Century Football Team and went on to play professional football for 13 years. He was named the Baltimore Colts “Man of the Year” and was the NFL’s first Ed Block Courage Award winner. Parade Magazine featured him on its cover, naming him “The Most Important Coach in America” because of his work to transform the culture of sports. In addition, he was selected as one of the “Most Influential Sport Educators in America” by the Institute for International Sport and was awarded the Frederick Douglas National Man of the Year for empowering youth to prevent rape and other forms of male violence.

Hovey noted that Ehrmann's appearance is sponsored by the Ashland County Community Foundation Women's Fund and the Ashland University Gridiron Club.

Ashland University will offer 0.6 CEUs for this event. CEU eligibility is at the discretion of the attendee’s employer.

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