AU in the News

1/07/10Dr. Mark Hamilton, associate professor of philosophy, was the guest of Barry Sheets who hosted the Bob Burney Live Show on WRFD-880, the AM Christian radio station in Columbus on Jan. 7. Hamilton talked about his health issues in 2007 and 2008 and the current health care bill.

1/01/10Joan Berry Kalamas, professional instructor of business management, was interviewed and quoted in the January issue of Columbus CEO. The article dealt with the topic of “Credit Checks” and how many employers are checking job applicants’ credit histories. 

12/03/09Dr. Jacqueline Wilkins, assistant professor of family and consumer sciences, was quoted on the topic of one-on-one time with children in an article was published by

11/25/09Dr. David Aune, associate professor of religion, was interviewed in October by Tom Sheeran, AP Cleveland bureau chief, for an article on bible literacy. Aune was quoted in an Associated Press article that was released Nov. 25. Aune’s comments dealt with the nation’s overall biblical literacy and the decline in Bible reading over the past decade. The article is being picked up by a number of media across the country, including The Salt Lake Tribune, Omaha World-Herald, San Jose Mercury and Taiwan News.

10/20/09Dr. Brenda Reeves, professional instructor and coordinator of lifetime wellness, was quoted on Your, a national network that syndicates news and content to 65 major-market television station Web sites around the country. Her comments, regarding building exercise into their normal routine, have shown up on and

10/05/09A full page article on the front of the Lifestyle section of the Mansfield News Journal dealt with Nigel Brush’s archaeological digs.

10/04/09A blog, titled the Megalithic Portal, featured Nigel Brush and the discovery of the broken speak point.

9/20/09A large in-depth story on Nigel Brush and his archeological digs was featured with photos on the science page in the Insight Section of Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch.

9/18/09Mansfield News Journal had a front page article dealing with Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer’s testing of “Patriot Pride” jewelry sets and a sidebar article dealing with his research over the past several years.

9/10/09Dr. Jeff Weidenheimer, professor of chemistry, was featured on the blog for his testing of lead in “Patriot Pride” jewelry sets.