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1/06/16AU President Dr. Carlos Campo's appointment to a Religious Liberty Advisory Board for Senator Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, has been featured by a number of media outlets and blogs across the country. 

“Religious liberty is one of the key issues of our day, and I am pleased to see Senator Rubio recognize its importance through the formation of this diverse group of advisers,” Dr. Campo said. “Our Constitution's insistence on the primacy of religious liberty serves as a cornerstone of democracy in America, and it is our hope that Senator Rubio and others will keep this issue at the forefront of the upcoming presidential election. It is a privilege to serve in this role and help contribute to the preservation of our rights.”

In discussing the members of the board, one of Rubio’s campaign directors noted that “membership on the board doesn’t equal an endorsement of the GOP candidate” by the individual or the institution they represent, and Dr. Campo emphasized that “as an academic leader, I would never publicly endorse a political candidate, but only serve as a resource as appropriate.”

1/01/16CNN posted an article titled "U.S. Army wants you to eat MREs for 21 days straight" that featured Adrienne Hatch, a 2008 Ashland University graduate with a degree in foods and nutrition. Hatch is a research dietitian and doing research to help the Army learn how Meals, Ready-to-Eat (or MREs) influence the millions of bacteria in troops' digestive systems. The U.S. Army Institute of Environmental Medicine is looking for volunteers to eat military food rations for 21 consecutive days for a study on the impact of MREs. Hatch is quoted in the article and is shown in a photo with battlefield rations.

12/20/15Ashland University was mentioned in a Wooster Daily Record article about Richard Smucker, who recently gave a presentation on the impact of the J.M. Smucker Co. on Orrville. The article mentions Smucker's robust internship program and specifically identifies a number of participating schools including Ashland University, the University of Akron, Kent State University and Ohio State University. Ashland was the only non-public university recognized as participating in this internship program.

Smucker's impact on Orrville -- newspaper article

12/05/15The Akron Beacon Journal ran an article on Ashland University receiving a gift of 2,174 to establish a Brethren Academy on its campus. AU is one of 82 schools that have received grant funding from Lilly Endowment Inc. as part of its High School Youth Theology Institutes Initiative, which seeks to encourage young people to explore theological traditions, ask questions about the moral dimensions of contemporary issues and examine how their faith calls them to lives of service.

“The purpose of the Brethren Academy project is to deepen the faith of young people by helping them think theologically, while developing the next generation of Brethren leaders from among high school students with denominational ties," said AU’s University Chaplain Jason Barnhart.

11/19/15The Cleveland Plain Dealer sports page featured an article on AU Head Football Coach Lee Owens on the eve of the football team's home playoff game versus Grand Valley State. The article includes an in-depth interview with Owens as well as video segments on several of the players. 



11/19/15The Cleveland Plain Dealer featured an article on AU alumnus Tony Madalone, who has both an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Ashland University. The story talks about how Madalone, founder and owner of Freshed Brewed Tees, is expanding with a second retail location in the past year. Starting on Saturday, the Cleveland-centric and player themed business plans to open a retail location at the West Side Market. The article notes that Madalone starting selling vintage T-shirts when he was a student at AU.


11/18/15John Dowdell, director of AU's Gill Center Outreach, has been interviewed by Wall Street Journal, CNN, BuzzFeed and a couple of TV stations regarding the university’s partnership with JPay’s Lantern tablet education program, which has led to the enrolling of inmates over two semesters in Chillicothe, Grafton, Richland, Lake Erie, Mansfield, Correctional Camp and Ohio Department of Youth Service institutions. Inmates who enroll in the education program are issued JPay’s 10-inch secure JP5 tablets by the university (the tablets can also be purchased by inmates’ families through JPay). 

Dowdell has consulted with JPay for two years now in the development of the educational tablet (JP5) and secure learning management system (Lantern) that they are now releasing to the correctional market. It is a corrections grade, cloud-based internet solution for education that utilizes kiosks and secure cloud network to deliver educational content to inmates.

“We have piloted the JP5/Lantern in AU programs and have expanded our reach and delivery using it. We will begin teaching AU courses in two Louisiana correctional facitlities during Spring Semester 2016 using the network,” Dowdell said. “We also structured our response to the U.S. Department of Education ESI for Incarcerated Pell Grants to include an online Associate of Arts degree.”

Dowdell, who runs the correctional education program at AU, also serves as co-editor of The Journal of Correctional Education. AU's program is the oldest postsecondary correctional program in the U.S.

10/17/15The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an article titled "City Steels Itself for Change"that quoted Dr. Robert Rogers, who is a retired Ashland University professor of economics. Rogers is the author of “An Economic History of the American Steel Industry,” published in 2009.

Daivon Barrow, a junior linebacker from Eastmoor Academy.  Barrow was injured in AU's first game this season and later had surgery. He is now out until spring ball.

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