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9/16/15The Wall Street Journal ran an opinion piece about Dr. Peter Schramm titled "A Professor Who Put Teaching First." The op-ed article was written by Jason Stevens, who teaches history and political science at Ashland University. Schramm, who was a professor of history and political science and also served as executive director of the Ashbrook Center for many years, passed away last month. See the article below:

By JASON STEVENS Sept. 15, 2015 --  When I first met Peter W. Schramm, who died last month at 68, he was in his office at Ashland University, smoking a cigarette and reading a book. It was 2003 and I, a high-school senior, was there to interview for the Ashbrook scholar program, an intensive course of study in history and political science. I remember almost everything about that meeting. He criticized me for deciding to write my high school thesis on “power” in politics. He scoffed when I admitted that I never read out loud. We spent nearly half an hour on Abraham Lincoln, and why in the Gettysburg Address he had called the principle of human equality a “proposition” instead of a self-evident truth, as Thomas Jefferson had done. At that point, Schramm jumped out of his chair and gestured wildly. “Dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal!” he exclaimed. “Do you see it?” When I came out of that room, I was totally defeated, with no hope of attending Ashland University in the fall. Then Schramm emerged and quietly announced that I was in, if I wanted it. He explained that I’d have to “work like a dog” and threatened that if I ever came to class unprepared, he would casually slide a quarter across my desk and say, “Call home. You’re done.” This was my first encounter with the man. In the dozen years since, I got to know Schramm first as a teacher, later as a friend and colleague. He had spent his childhood in Soviet Hungary, but as his father told him when the family left for the U.S. in 1956: “We were born Americans, but in the wrong place.” After earning a Ph.D. in government, he helped found the Claremont Institute and worked in the Reagan Education Department before becoming a professor. Schramm published little, but this was only because he put teaching first. His office was always full of students wanting to tear off a bit of wisdom. Schramm probably missed more than a few meetings to continue these conversations, which ranged from an obscure passage of Plato, to a moving line of poetry, to practical questions of life and happiness. Schramm taught his students how to think and live well, how to be prudent and judge wisely, how to seek the just and the true. He began his freshman course by asking about the nature of the acorn. After several false starts, someone would say, “To become the oak tree.” Once the truth had revealed itself, Schramm would react with palpable joy—a loud outburst, a fist pounded on the lectern, a little hop. He reveled in our successes mostly, I think, because he loved what was good and saw the potential for good in us. The great oak has now vanished from the face of the earth. But, thank God, he has left behind thousands of tiny acorns that continue to grow. Mr. Stevens teaches history and political science at Ashland University in Ohio.

9/16/15The Washington Post published an article, titled "Is resetting tuition the solution to the broken college pricing model?," in which Ashland University is noted for being one of the schools that has implemented a tuition reset over the past several years.



9/09/15iHeartMedia radio stations ran an article on Ashland University's ranking in the top 200 colleges and universities in the National Universities category of the recently released 2016 college rankings by U.S. News and World Report. The segment included an interview with AU President Dr. Carlos Campo. 

9/06/15The Columbus Dispatch ran an article titled "Small Colleges Face Big Challenges" that talks about how some smaller Ohio institutions are struggling financially. The article discusses how Ashland University has named a new president, restructured its debt and has developed what it hopes is a plan to beat the trends working against small schools. The article quotes AU President Dr. Carlos Campo saying “We feel like we’ve turned the corner” on fiscal troubles.

The article also was picked up by the Canton Repository and the New Philadelphia Times Reporter.


8/28/15The Bellevue Gazette published an article about Ashland University conducting a curriculum audit on the Bellevue School District, evaluating its effectiveness in education. The article quoted Dr. Gene Linton, director of the Founders School of Continuing Education.

8/06/15A crew from Cleveland's WOIO-TV 19 Action News was on campus Thursday for much of the day as part of a special GOP Debate coverage from the Ashbrook Center. The TV station did two live sessions -- one for the 5 p.m. news program with Dr. Carlos Campo and one for the 6 p.m. news program with Roger Beckett, executive director of the Ashbrook Center.

The 19 Action News crew remained in the Ashbrook Center to participate in the "watch party" for the GOP Debate and then did a live show from the Ashbrook Center from 11:35 p.m. to 12 midnight hosting a discussion with 10 local panelists who shared their immediate reaction to the debate. 

Some of the coverage of the watch party and post debate discussion will air on WOIO Action 19 news programs on Friday.

8/04/15John Dowdell, director of Gill Center Outreach, wrote an an op-ed commentary that appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education. style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt">The article was titled "Pell Grants for Prisoners: Good for Them, and for Everyone Else." See the article at --

8/04/15AU Geology Professor Dr. Nigel Brush and his mastodon dig in Morrow County were featured in a Mansfield News Journal article titled "Morrow County mastodon might have coexisted with humans." The article talks about how a team led by Brush spent several days digging up hundreds of bones and fragments from the Morrow County site and then several months piecing together fragments, identifying bones, cleaning and preserving the artifacts and collaborating with experts throughout the country and in Canada to research the findings. The items from the dig were displayed in a lecture hall in Kettering Science Center. The story also ran in the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum and the Marion Star.


7/31/15John Dowdell, director of Gill Center Outreach, has been interviewed by a number of media regarding the Obama Administration's announcement that it will offer Pell Grants to some prisoners. Dowdell was interviewed on NPR Radio's Marketplace and was quoted in the July 31 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education in an article titled "Pell Grants for Prisoners? A Limited Program Sparks Hope for Broader Change.Dowdell, who runs the correctional education program at AU, also serves as co-editor of The Journal of Correctional Education. AU's program is the oldest postsecondary correctional program in the U.S.


7/17/15Several media ran the story about AU's new president Dr. Carlos Campo meeting with United States Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in Washington, D.C. during Brown's weekly coffee with constituents. “I enjoyed meeting with President Campo and I look forward to working with him to ensure that Ashland University students continue to receive a quality, first-class education,” Brown said.