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Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis

Associate Professor of Inclusive Services & Exceptional Learners

Topic(s): college students with disabilities, technology and disabilities, access to education and retention of college students, universal design, diversity, special education
Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis, associate professor, holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Bowling Green State University. Dr. Abreu-Ellis teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Dwight Schar College of Education at Ashland University. Her research interests include College... read more
Dr. Bonnie Adams

Associate Professor of Inclusive Services and Exceptional Learners

Topic(s): storytelling, child abuse, learning disabilities
Dr. Bonnie Adams, Associate Professor, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1989. Her areas of expertise include storytelling, child abuse and learning disabilities. She received her Ph.D. in special education, evaluation and measurement from Kent State University; master's degree in special... read more
Dr. Iyad Ajwa

Professor of Computer Science and Chair of the Department of Math and Computer Science

Topic(s): parallelism in symbolic mathematical computations, computer algebra, the Grobner Bases Algorithm, Characteristics Sets method
Dr. Iyad Ajwa earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan; a master of science degree in mathematics and a master of science degree in computer science from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and doctor of philosophy degree in computer... read more

Professor and Chair of the Department of Leadership Studies

Topic(s): black female school superintendents, the exploration of how the intersections of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual diversity, education leaders, tempered radicals, servant leadership, black global issues in educational leadership
Dr. Judy A. Alston, Professor and Chair of the Department of Leadership Studies, joined the Ashland University faculty in 2007. Her research foci include Black female school superintendents; the exploration of how the intersections of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual diversity and ability... read more
Penny Arnold

Associate Professor of Educational Foundations

Topic(s): effectiveness of proficiency tests, board certified teachers
Dr. Penny Arnold, Associate Professor, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1996. Her areas of expertise include the effectiveness of proficiency test and board certified teachers. She was one of the first teachers in the country to earn National Board Certification. She is a multi-year... read more
Dr. Matthew Arthur

Professor of Chemistry

Topic(s): general and inorganic chemistry, science education
Matthew L. Arthur, Ph.D., is professor of chemistry (B.S. University of New Mexico 1976; Ph.D. New Mexico State University 1984). He teaches courses in general and inorganic chemistry and has delivered inservice programs and intensive (15-30 hours) workshops in science education for K-12 teachers.... read more
Dr. David Aune

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religion

Topic(s): Biblical studies, history of early Christianity, world religions, New Testament, religious issues, Christian-Muslim Relations, contemporary Christian issues, graduate studies, interreligious dialogue, non-violent solutions
Dr. David Aune came to Ashland University in the fall of 1996. Before Ashland, he taught part-time at a number of colleges in New England, including Providence College, Wesleyan University and Eastern Connecticut State University. Dr. Aune holds the Ph.D. degree in the History of Religions: Early... read more

Professor and Chair of Department of Communication Studies

Topic(s): organizational communication, medical communication, communication theory, aggressive communication
Dr. Theodore A. Avtgis is a professor and chair of the Department of Communication Studies. Professor Avtgis’ research includes organizational communication, medical communication, risk and crisis communication and aggressive communication. He received his Ph.D. from Kent State University in 1999... read more

Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages

Topic(s): Semitic languages and linguistics, Exegesis of the Pentateuch and the Minor Prophets, Ancient Near Eastern backgrounds of the Old Testament, Pedagogical methodology, leadership
Dr. David Baker is a professor of Old Testament and Semitric Languages at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. Baker is a brilliant professor, whose classes are stretching and informative. He is the author of a long list of works and is recognized as an international Old Testament... read more

Professional Instructor of ACCESS

Topic(s): english linguitics and literature, writing strategies, writing proficiency
Mohsine Bensaid, Professional Instructor, joined the ACCESS program in the fall of 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics and Literature from Ibn Tofail University, Morocco, another Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Denison University, Granville, Ohio, and a Master of... read more
Dr. Robert Bergosh

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Topic(s): organic chemistry
Dr. Robert Bergosh, associateprofessor of chemistry, joined Ashland University in 2005. His area of expertise is in organic chemistry. He obtained a bachelor of science degree with a double major in chemistry and biology from Kentucky Wesleyan College and a Ph.D. in organic / materials chemistry... read more

Associate Professor of Educational Foundations

Topic(s): education
Dr. Linda Billman, Associate Professor, has been a member of the Ashland University faculty since 1997. She has served as chair of the Department of Early Childhood and the associate dean of the College of Education. Dr. Billman earned her Ph.D. from the University of Akron. She teaches in the... read more

Professor and Director of Choral Activities

Topic(s): conducting choral studies
Rowland (“Ron”) Blackley is professor of music and director of choral activities at Ashland University, where he conducts the University Choir, Chamber Singers, and Ashland Area Chorus. He supervises all aspects of the choral program and teaches in the areas of conducting and music education. While... read more
Dr. Diane Bonfiglio

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Topic(s): health psychology, the relationship between social support and health, the health consequences of psychosocial stress, healthy aging
Dr. Diane Bonfiglio earned a B.S. in psychology from Ashland University, an M.A. in psychology from The Ohio State University, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Ohio State University. She specializes in health psychology. Her particular areas of interest include the relationship between... read more
Dr. Soren Brauner

Professor of Biology

Topic(s): plant genetics and evolution
Dr. Soren Brauner, professor of biology, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1986. He received a bachelor of arts in environmental biology and a master of arts in botany from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of California at Davis. His... read more
Kathleen Brenan

Associate Professor of Accounting

Topic(s): financial and managerial accounting, business spreadsheets
Professor Kathleen Brenan, associate professor of accounting and information systems, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1984. She received a master of accountancy degree with specialization in MIS at Bowling Green State University and a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Miami... read more
Linda Joyce Brown

Associate Professor of English

Topic(s): 19th and 20th century American literature, gender, critical race and ethnicity studies
Linda Joyce Brown joined the English faculty at Ashland in 2006 after teaching in Connecticut for four years. She has also taught at the University of Oregon, where she received her M.A., and the University of New Mexico, where she earned her Ph.D. Brown has taught courses in American literature... read more

Assistant Professor of Sport Management

Topic(s): sports education, sports sciences
Dr. Ken Brubaker, originally from Buffalo, New York, joined Ashland University in 2003 as a graduate assistant and adjunct instructor for the sport sciences department. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Canisius College, a M.Ed. in sport education from Ashland University and an Ed.D. in... read more
Dr. Nigel Brush

Associate Professor of Geology

Topic(s): geoarchaeology, Dendrochronology, millennial-scale climate change events, astronomy, acid rain
Dr. Nigel Brush, associate professor of geology, joined the Ashland University faculty in 2000. His areas of research include geoarchaeology, dendrochronology, and millennial-scale climate change events. He is a co-director of the Ashland/Wooster/Columbus Archaeological & Geological Consortium... read more

Associate Professor of Political Science

Topic(s): American founding, American foreign policy, political philosophy, freedom, graduate studies, home schooling, just war, liberalism, liberal education, nature of democracy, political science, religion, republicans, separation of church and state, terrorism, American history, Biblical studies, Catholicism, conservatism
Dr. Christopher Burkett, assistant professor of political science, joined Ashland University in 2005. He teaches American political thought and institutions courses, and his fields of expertise include the American founding, American foreign policy, and political philosophy. He serves as faculty... read more