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Dr. Glen Fincher II

Associate Professor of Health Sciences

Topic(s): biostatistics, applied physiology with an emphasis on physical fitness, strength training, wellness, exercise, graduate studies, health and nutrition, heat illness, hypertention, martial arts, mentoring, nutrition and food, photography, physical fitness, self defense, sports medicine, statistics, stress, stress management, weight loss, yoga, bicycling, biomedical issues, choosing a college, diabetes
Dr. Glen Fincher II, associate professor of sport sciences, joined Ashland University in 1990. His areas of expertise include biostatistics and applied physiology, with an emphasis on physical fitness, strength training, and wellness. Dr. Fincher is faculty advisor to the Powerlifting club and a... read more

Professor of English

Topic(s): W.B. Yeats, Robinson Jeffers, Anglo-Irish literature, modern poetry, environmentalist literature
Editor of the Ashland Poetry Press, Deborah Fleming, professor of English, received her PhD from Ohio State University. Her books include Without Leave, a novel published by Black Mountain Press; Morning, Winter Solstice, a collection of poetry published by Vineyard Press; "A man who does not... read more

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of History and Political Science

Topic(s): John Locke, liberal education, Mark Twain, civic, education, government, higher education, India, liberal arts, political philosophy, Asia
Dr. David Foster, associate professor of political science and Chair of the Department of History and Political Science, joined Ashland University in 1998. He teaches courses in political philosophy and international relations and, in the masters of American history and government program, courses... read more

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Marketing, Hospitality Management, and Fashion Merchandising

Topic(s): consulting, accounting, marketing
Daniel E. Fox currently serves as the chair of the marketing, hospitality management, and fashion merchandising department. Dr. Fox is an associate professor of law, teaching both undergraduate and graduate business courses. He is an Ohio Licensed Attorney and Certified Public Accountant. Dr. Fox... read more

Professional Instructor of ACCESS

Topic(s): Adolescent to young adult (grades 7-12) English language arts
Jacqueline Fries-Gomez, a Professional Instructor in Ashland University's ACCESS intensive English program, joined the department in January of 2013. She received her M.A. in TESOL with an additional K-12 endorsement from the University of Findlay in 2013. She also graduated with the honor of... read more
Christina Fuhrmann

Professor of Music

Topic(s): theatre music, imported opera in early 19th century London
Christina Fuhrmann received her BA in music from Marlboro College in Vermont and her PhD in musicology from Washington University in St. Louis. She teaches the music history sequence, basic musicianship, and several music appreciation core courses, including love songs, music and drama across... read more

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