Ashland Center for Nonviolence to Hold Art and Essay Contests

Ashland Center for Nonviolence to Hold Art and Essay Contests

10/1/14 ASHLAND, Ohio – The Ashland Center for Nonviolence at Ashland University is sponsoring an art contest as well as an essay contest for students in Ashland and Richland counties.

The Art Contest is for grades K-8 in both counties, while the Essay Contest is for high school students as well as Ashland University students. The deadline for entries for both contests is Dec. 19, 2014, and prizewinners for each will be recognized at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Community Celebration at Ashland University’s Myers Convocation Center on Monday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m.

The event will feature C.T. Vivian, a well-known hero of the civil rights movement and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Art Contest theme is “Living Together in Peace.”

“Art is a powerful way of sharing a student’s vision,” said Dr. Craig Hovey, director of the Ashland Center for Nonviolence. “Local students from kindergarten to eighth grade are encouraged to think and create imaginatively, to offer a personal response to what ‘Living Together in Peace’ means to them.”

Hovey hopes that students will create paintings, drawings, collages or photographs that deal with how they envision families, schools, communities and other groups living together in peace. “What does it take for people to share their lives with one another in generosity, patience and kindness?” he asked. “What are the obstacles to living together in peace and what can be done about them? I think we can all benefit from thinking creatively about these things.”

Hovey said that some schools in the counties may be collecting entries and he said students should check with their teacher or principal. Otherwise, individual entries can be delivered to the Ashland Center for Nonviolence located in Room 116 Bixler Hall on the Ashland University campus. Entrants should consult the guidelines and fill out an entry form available online at

Entrants will be divided into three groups by grade, with awards given to first, second, and third place winners in each group. Prizes range from $100 to $25.

The Essay Contest is available for older students who are asked to write on the theme “Resolving Conflict in Today’s World.”

“Peace doesn’t mean avoiding conflict, but finding nonviolent ways of fostering understanding and cooperation,” Hovey said. “When conflicts arise between people—in families, in communities or between cultures and nations—it can be easy to assume that violence is the solution. Being committed to working toward peaceful solutions means getting inventive with alternatives.”

Hovey told those wanting to submit essays of around 1,000 words to “consider a conflict you know about in your community or elsewhere. What nonviolent strategy could be implemented to address the concerns, reduce the tensions and contribute to a peaceful resolution of the conflict? Be specific about the steps you think would be necessary to make your idea work.”

Essay guidelines and online submission instructions can be found at:

Entrants will be divided into two groups -- high school and university – with awards given to first, second, and third place winners in each group. Prizes range from $200 to $50.

Those with questions about either contest can contact the Center for Nonviolence at .

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