Ashland University Debuts Online Grocery Market

Ashland University Debuts Online Grocery Market

1/22/15 ASHLAND, Ohio - Ashland University is joining the online grocery shopping world as it begins to unveil its new service, The Eagle Market Place.

“The Dining Services department is excited to officially open The Eagle Market Place as it adds another great service available to the Ashland campus,” said Fred Geib, the general manager of dining operations at AU.

“The initial debut of the program will be on campus and will be made available to our students, faculty and staff. The market place is very easy to implement because all of the products being sold are already in the inventory of dining services,” Geib said. “We do plenty of deliveries around campus all year long as well so it is very easy to just repackage and sell these products making it convenient for anyone on campus to buy their groceries.”

The university plans to offer unique features through this online venture. One of the features already released is the ability to do online grocery shopping such as picking out an item on the webpage, purchasing the item and then receiving it from the university either through pick up or delivery on campus.

“The service is very affordable as well, as it features competitive prices to those in the surrounding Ashland area,” Geib said.

The service will even feature some of Ashland University’s specialty products such as the famous AU Cookies, Tuffy Chow and AU Banana Bread. But the products it will feature won’t stop there -- the Market Place will even have sit-down dinners called “Home in a Hurry” meals as well. This feature is being designed and will be available in the near future.

“The Home in a Hurry meal is there for those employees who work late and don’t have the time to prepare a meal when they arrive at home. With these meal options, you can get a full sit-down dinner made fresh in the dining hall and ready for pick up and go,” Geib said. “It’s quick, its ‘homemade’ by our chefs and it’s convenient so that you’re not worrying about making dinner at home, but still being able to sit down and enjoy a meal with your family. An example of a meal through this option would be mashed potatoes, meatloaf and fresh veggies or an additional side.”

Geib said the Eagle Market place also will be convenient for students of the university.

“A vast majority of students who live on campus have meal plans. Certain meal plans allow students to have ‘meal swipes’ and students will be allowed to use these as a payment option,” he said. “The Eagle Market place will be a great new option for equivalency to be used.”

Geib said deliveries can also be made to the student apartments. “We offer various fresh produce and meats and the students can select these options to be delivered right to them saving them the trip to the local grocery and making their shopping much simpler. Students are able to use meal swipes, Eagle Dollars or credit/debit cards too,” he added.

With a lot of potential for the Eagle Market Place, Geib said AU’s Auxiliary Services department is very optimistic that the Market Place will see much growth and even become a staple of the university. The Market Place is located online at

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