Ashland University Director Writes Books as Part of Series

Ashland University Director Writes Books as Part of Series

1/18/18 ASHLAND, Ohio – Dr. David Silverberg, director of the Telego Center for Educational Improvement at Ashland University, has written two books as part of his Changing the Light Bulb series.

The first book, titled “Empowerment at the Tower: Leadership & Identity in Higher Education,” focused on the issue of Leadership and Identity and was released right around the first of the year, while the second book, titled “Institutional Change from Within: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education,” focuses on issues of teaching and learning and was just published.

Silverberg received his doctorate in Educational Administration, Leadership and Policy from Pepperdine University and has served the field of education as a professor, administrator, teacher, and consultant.

“This second book offers real-life depictions of how colleges and universities are remaking their teaching and learning practices by confronting complacency and building new kinds of futuristic and humanistic programs and practices,” Silverberg said. “Chapter authors present dynamic case studies from five institutions in five states along with touching interviews that provide insights about being a change agent and impacting institutional change.”

Silverberg said that probing questions are offered to readers along with a unique worksheet designed to intentionally promote new light bulb moments at one’s own college or university.

“This book offers thought-provoking and instructive insights into the personalities and policies that enhance, or detract from, institutional evolution and provides practical insights into key levers for targeted, transformational growth,” he said. “Each case study includes information about the Background for the Change Initiative, the Change Initiative Itself, Challenges & Successes, and Lessons Learned.”

Dr. Yong Zhao, Foundations Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas, called the book, “An excellent collection of essays about the challenges facing higher education and innovative responses. An inspiring read.”

Richard DeMillo, executive director of C21U at Georgia Tech, said “David Siverberg's stories in his series ‘Changing the Light Bulb’ are entertaining, informative and deeply insightful tools for renewal in higher education. Everyone who wants to initiate change, navigate the treacherous landscape of institutional transformation, or figure out who to enlist as a partner will find a concrete "next step" that has worked in other contexts. There is something universal about the journey from conviction to self-doubt to success that shines through in each of the essays. For many of the authors, it was an affecting exercise, and the open-ended Q&A that accompanies every chapter explores the personal growth that comes with this kind of self-reflection. These volumes should have a place on your bookshelf.”

The books, published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, are available in hardback, paperback and eBook and more information can be found online at: Empowerment at the Tower: Leadership & Identity in Higher Education, Edited by David Silverberg, Ed.D., Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2018) and Institutional Change from Within: Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, Edited by David Silverberg, Ed.D., Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2018)

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