Ashland University Receives $1 Million from State Capital Bill

Ashland University Receives $1 Million from State Capital Bill
Ashland University’s Dwight Schar College of Nursing

4/25/14 ASHLAND, Ohio – State Representatives David Hall (Ashland) and Mark Romachuck (Richland) jointly announced that Ashland University’s Dwight Schar College of Nursing has been awarded $1 million as part of the State Capital Bill.

The award is for costs associated with the construction of the $15.5 million nursing educational facility located on Trimble Road in Mansfield. The partnership between North Central State College and Ashland University with its articulation agreements for nursing students was instrumental in AU receiving the award.

Representative Hall stated that Ashland’s commitment to nursing education, economic development and jobs creation were contributing factors in the state’s award. The nursing facility is a state-of-the-art educational center that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in health care.

Representative Romachuck stated that Ashland’s acquisition of the former MedCentral College of Nursing was an important part of keeping the nursing programs in Richland County. The College of Nursing located on the Trimble Road health care corridor is important to the local economy as well as regional job creation.

Dr. Frederick J. Finks, president of Ashland University, said, “This is an affirmation of all we have attempted to do in our acquisition and further development of health education for the University.

“This not only impacts Ashland and Richland counties, but truly is impactful throughout the state of Ohio. Our commitment to a strong academic and practical education for nursing students with leading technology and simulation labs will prepare nurses, health care workers and nurse educators for the growing needs in Ohio,” Finks noted.

Margaret Pomfret, vice president of development and institutional advancement at AU, said, “We worked with so many great people in Columbus over the past four years to see this through. Senator Bill Harris was instrumental with his initial support as well as Speaker William Batchelder, Senator Larry Obhof and Representatives Jay Goyal, David Hall, Mark Romachuck and Ron Amstutz. They saw first-hand how the College could impact the area in so many different ways. They were the ones who made this possible.”

Ashland University acquired MedCentral College of Nursing in 2009 with the commitment to build a new nursing educational facility in Richland County and the 46,000-square-foot College of Nursing facility was completed in the fall of 2012.

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