Ashland University Student Chapter Sponsors Program with Elementary Schools

11/21/11 ASHLAND, OH -- The Ashland University Student Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants and the Ohio Society of CPAs sponsored a program for more than 80 fifth and sixth graders from Osborne and Lincoln elementary schools in Ashland earlier this month.

The program, titled FETCH (Financial Education Teaches Children Healthy Habits) teaches children about budgeting, saving and spending through a fun, interactive board game.

“The FETCH program is a great means for teaching these students about important financial literacy concepts such as budgeting and spending money,” said Leah Chalet, a senior accounting and finance major and student coordinator of the program.

“The students had to work together to analyze financial risks and reward in order to make wise financial decisions,” Chalet said. “Whether they realized it or not, they learned so much about the importance of managing money and most importantly, they had fun doing it.”

Alyssa Tullis, fifth grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, said the students enjoyed the game very much.

“I think it was a fun way for students to learn important financial concepts,” Tullis said. “It's never too early to practice making smart decisions with money. These skills will continue to benefit them as they start earning and spending their own money.”

Chalet said students formed competitive teams for an adventure through a dog park filled with financial risks and rewards.

“Team members worked together to purchase items for their pooch and save as much money as possible and had to plan ahead to avoid fines imposed by the Dog Catcher,” she said. Chalet said through this game, the students learned about concepts such as earnings, expenses, how to utilize an account register, the importance of making donations and the value of budgeting one’s money.

The Ohio CPA Foundation created and implemented FETCH statewide in 2010.

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