AU Business Students to Create Mobile Apps in Introductory Class

AU Business Students to Create Mobile Apps in Introductory Class

2/2/17 ASHLAND, Ohio – Ashland University Dauch College of Business and Economics students taking the Information Technology (IS 221) class this fall will be doing something unique on campus – working in a computer lab to develop mobile apps.

“All College of Business and Economics students are required to take IS 221 so all business students will have this new knowledge,” said Victoria Kaskey, chair of the accounting and information systems department in the Dauch College. “This is unique to AU. We are not aware of another college integrating apps creation into their introductory IS classes.”

Kaskey said the Information Technology class will begin in the fall 2017 and students will develop mobile apps based on their interests through the use of App Inventor. “This will be a reverse classroom, which means a lot of the work will take place outside of the actual classroom. They will then bring the work into the class to talk about it,” she said.

"Information technology is a continually changing field. Employers are expecting prospects to be current on many aspects of the field, which now includes the creation of apps,” she added. “Incorporating this area of information technology into our introductory info tech classes is going to fulfill employer expectations and keep students engaged in the classroom by using what they have come accustomed to using - their smartphones.”

Dr. Elad Granot, dean of the Dauch College of Business and Economics, said, “This new initiative fits very well with the Dauch College’s mission to help our students achieve those competencies most prized by companies and organizations, as well as its emphasis on engagement, impact and innovation.”

Kaskey said the class, which will be taught by David Lifer, professor of information systems, and Nitin Walia, associate professor of information systems, will cover a number of topics, including: Building your First App; Having one App Start Another App; Creating Apps that Notify its Users; Creating Apps that Use Smartphone Location Sensor;  Creating Apps that Incorporate Videos, Video Players, Pictures and Messages; Creating Apps to Authenticate Users; Creating a Notepad App; and Creating a Database App.

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