Greek Life Hosts Day of Service

Greek Life Hosts Day of Service

3/2/16 ASHLAND, Ohio – The inaugural Greek Day of Service was a success! Members of the Greek Community volunteered their time on Saturday, Feb. 13, to spend time helping out those throughout the Ashland community.

Organizations that signed up to be a part of the event were the Lutheran Village, the Good Shepherd, and the Ashland Goodwill. The event spanned from the morning through the evening with volunteers beginning their day at the Good Shepherd to help the residents with their weekly bingo game. Then into the afternoon volunteers went to either the Ashland Goodwill to help around the store or to the Lutheran Village to help out their bingo game as well. The day ended with night time visit to the Good Shepherd to spend time with more residents and share stories.

Terry Brant, the volunteer coordinator at the Good Shepherd, said “the event was an amazing day for the residents. The students who volunteered were all great. It was an exciting day for us at the Good Shepherd.”

The event even included a fun surprise with members of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority meeting an alumnus at the Good Shepherd that evening. She was a student 70 years ago and was excited to see sisters of the sorority.

The event was started by the Fall 2015 Greek Life Intern Rhema Centanni, who commented on the event.

“I wanted to do something where members of Greek Life could not only connect with each other, but accomplish something great. I researched similar programs and saw how successful they were so I was excited to begin planning one for Ashland,” she said. “This event is unique in that it brings members of the Greek Community together outside of a competitive environment such as Greek Weekend or Recruitment. Since philanthropy is so central to the core of each organization, I only thought it would be natural to plan an event that channeled this common factor into an awesome opportunity to give back and reach out to the Ashland and surrounding communities.”

Kayla Gowdy, president of Theta Phi Alpha, volunteered for the event and noted that “It was an incredible opportunity to participate in the Greek Day of Service. It provided me with the opportunity to give back to the community that has done so much to impact the school that I call home,” she said.

The Greek Day of Service was a positive addition to the All-Greek events. The Greek Life office looks forward to expanding this event in the future.

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