A number of key factors are attracting students to Ashland University

Students wearing masks in classroom

ASHLAND, Ohio — With fall here, now is the time high school seniors are considering their plans after graduation. While there are plenty of options, studies have shown that the value of a college degree has never been higher.

A 2021 report from the Association of American Colleges & Universities shows 87 percent of 496 surveyed employers from a range of industries think that getting a college degree is worth it. One of the main reasons is that completion of active and applied learning experiences gives job applicants a clear advantage. In addition, more than half of the employers surveyed view the skills of a liberal arts education, such as teamwork and critical thinking, as very important for job success. Also, employers favor a college education that combines breadth and depth of learning. Specifically, the highest ranked attribute was encouraging students to think for themselves. If you know anything about Ashland University, that last part will sound quite familiar.

A few years ago, Ashland coined and trademarked the phrase, “Teaching students how to think, not what to think.” The positive response to this message has been outstanding, not just for students, but family members as well.

AU President Carlos Campo tells a story about a student stopping him in a hallway and sharing that the student’s grandfather suggested attending Ashland in part because of that slogan. It is a way of education that Ashland continues to be committed to. Ashland provides the important framework of education and allows students to take that foundation and apply it as they see fit, with guidance, of course, from professors and other staff members.

It’s not just the slogan that helps draw students to the university. Ashland goes to great lengths to help financially, as evidenced by its Tuition Relief Scholarship, where if students pay for the fall semester, the spring semester is paid by the university. This valuable program will continue to be available for current high school seniors. Additional scholarship opportunities are also available for non-residential, non-traditional and currently enrolled students.

Being a private institution allows Ashland the flexibility to really help students and families financially. Other benefits of attending a private university include: 

  • Smaller class sizes, which allows for more personalized interaction between professors and students

  • A friendly, safe community, allowing students to more comfortably concentrate on their education 

  • An engaging alumni network that stays committed to the university, its students and graduates

  • A greater opportunity to take on leadership roles within extracurricular activities as well as to participate in multiple extracurriculars that suit a student’s interests 

  • Being part of tight-knit family that offers support and guidance every step of the way

In a 2021 study, JP Morgan reported the average annual earnings for a high school graduate is $39,371, compared to $73,163 for those with a bachelor’s degree. If you factor in a 45-year career, the total incremental earnings of a college graduate is higher by more than $1.5 million. That makes the value of a college degree clear, and should encourage high school seniors to consider attending a private university like Ashland University.

Ashland University is a mid-sized, private university conveniently located a short distance from Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Ashland University (www.ashland.edu) values the individual student and offers a unique educational experience that combines the challenge of strong, applied academic programs with a faculty and staff who build nurturing relationships with their students.