A statement on the Jan. 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol

As an institution focused on teaching proper self-governance and developing the next generation of leaders in America, Ashland University and Theological Seminary condemn in the strongest possible terms yesterday’s violent assault on the United States Capitol. The peaceful transfer of power under law is a fundamental aspect of our republic, as is respect for the rule of law. Further, we denounce the actions of those who sought to interrupt and prevent the established process for that transfer, with particular disdain for the violence displayed for the world to see.

Like many other universities, we recognize the privilege we have of teaching and learning in a country founded upon hard-won freedoms secured in a democratic republic like ours. Actions like those we witnessed yesterday threaten the most basic elements of our government, and we will not allow it to pass without raising our voices with the many others who unequivocally reject any effort to annihilate our cherished democracy. As a Brethren-affiliated institution, we remain committed to promoting peace and mutual respect despite the growing polarization in our nation.

Ashland University is and will always be a non-partisan organization, but we are not impartial when it comes to honoring our Constitution and principles of self-government. One of our earliest documents indicated that Ashland University’s purpose was to “teach self-government in a culture of love and respect,” and we remain committed to those aims. May we stand together in hopes that better days lie ahead as we jointly decry yesterday’s events and call for our better nature to rise once again.


Dr. Carlos Campo, President
Ashland University