Ashland University Day of Giving

Your commitment to Ashland University combined with your personal network of alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, and friends is a powerful force.  The strength of your voice gives you the opportunity to show your school spirit and pride in AU!  The Ashland Fund needs your enthusiastic support and your personal network to spread #AUeaglepride and have a successful Day of Giving.

Ashland University Day of Giving is a single day event held online and on campus.  It is an opportunity for alumni, students, employees, and friends to show PRIDE in Ashland University!  All gifts made on the Day of Giving will benefit the Ashland Fund. 

Gifts to the Ashland Fund support three basic aspects of university life: scholarships and student life, academic programs, and operations.  98% of undergraduate students receive scholarships through the Ashland Fund.  Gifts also enrich academic programs through purchase of resources and equipment and the support of student led initiatives.  These funds maintain amenities in the classroom, in the dorm, and elsewhere on-campus.  These are essential aspects of university life, without them Ashland University could not put its Accent on the Individual.


How can you show your PRIDE?

Participate in the Day of Giving! One gift to the Ashland Fund equals one vote.  Cast your vote for an area of the university to increase that areas chance of winning a challenge.  The Alumni Association has sponsored a cash prizes for each challenge and you decide the winner!

If you're on campus come by the student center, recreation center, or convo to get your Day of Giving t-shirt and post a selfie to social media showing your #AUeaglepride


How many challenges are there?

The Ashland University Day of Giving will consist of seven different challenges. 

One current challenge will be reveled every four hours. The area with the greatest number of votes will win the hourly challenge.  The winning area will receive a $1000 prize.  There will be four hourly winners.

Creative challenges will be launched sporadically throughout the day. These two challenges will be won with wit and imagination.  Each participant must hashtag the area they support.  The winner of the challenge will determine which area will receive a $500 prize.  

The day long challenge will begin at 6am and close at midnight.  This challenge will total all votes cast throughout the day.  The area with the greatest number of votes throughout the day will win the grand prize of $5000. 


What is an area?

Any area can win a challenge.  An area may be big like the College of Arts and Sciences, Athletics, or Greek Life.  An area may be specific like a major or academic program, an extracurricular opportunity, or an on-campus club.  Every area has an opportunity to win a challenge prize.  Show PRIDE in the area of the university you love by casting a vote!


Will my Day of Giving contribution be tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax-deductible.  After making a donation securely online you will receive your tax receipt at the email address provided.


How can you help spread the word of Ashland's first ever Day of Giving?

Show your #AUeaglepride on social media! 

Facebook: Ashland University

Twitter: @Ashland_Univ

Instagram: @ashland_university​


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Ashland University Day of Giving