AU in the News

4/18/11Tom Mansberger, director of admission, was quoted in an April 18 Columbus Dispatch article that dealt with how Ohio colleges are aggressively reaching out to prospective students. 

4/09/11Speaker of the House John Boehner was scheduled to speak at Ashland University on April 8 but the dinner was postponed because Boehner needed to remain in Washington D.C. that day because of the budget debates and potential government shutdown. Several media outlets, including CNN and Associated Press, picked up the story about the dinner being postponed and it ran in a number of papers including Dayton Daily News, Mansfield News Journal, Hamilton Journal-News, Middletown Journal and Springfield News Sun.

3/21/11The Personal Health section of Monday’s Philadelphia Inquirer contained a note about Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer, trustees’ distinguished professor of chemistry, and his research regarding the danger of cadmium in jewelry. The information noted Weidenhamer’s testing for Associated Press and then the most recent results published online this month by the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. The article suggested the best way to protect your children from potentially harmful jewelry may be the simplest: Don't give them any at all.

3/09/11Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer, professor of chemistry, was interviewed by WMFD TV in Mansfield regarding his study that confirmed that inexpensive jewelry items can release high levels of dangerous cadmium when children mouth or swallow items.

3/04/11Results of a study conducted by Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer, trustees’ professor of chemistry, and Ashland University students Jennifer Miller, Daphne Guinn and Janna Pearson were released to the media and published online March 4 ahead of print in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP). The study confirmed that inexpensive jewelry items can release high levels of dangerous cadmium when children mouth or swallow items. As part of this release, Weidenhamer was interviewed by ABC News Radio National and CBS Radio and a medical report segment ran on the ABC Good Morning America website. The article was picked up by many blogs and medical news websites as well as media across the country such as Los Angeles Times, CBC News, KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh; WTMA radio in Charleston, S.C.; and WLS TV in Chicago.

2/25/11the Mansfield News Journal ran a story on Ashland University Student Senate President Phillip Wages who met with President Barack Obama during a meeting at the Small Business Forum in Cleveland on Feb. 22. The article was sent as a hometown feature and was picked up by a number of newspapers and radio stations, including the Cincinnati Enquirer.

2/11/11Dr. Jeffrey Sikkenga, associate professor of political science at Ashland University, had an editorial printed in USA Today. The editorial dealt with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the revolution.

2/10/11Dr. Peter Schramm's editorial that ran in the Columbus Dispatch was picked up and printed by the Ashland Times-Gazette.

2/06/11Dr. Peter Schramm, professor of political science and executive director of the Ashbrook Center, authored an op-ed article that was printed in Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch and on The article dealt with Ronald Reagan and was titled ‘Reagan’s inherent goodness made him one of the great presidents.”

1/31/11President Fred Finks did an interview with Rusty Cates on his morning talk show on WMAN AM-1400 radio in Mansfield. The discussion centered on the College of Nursing campaign and the construction of the new building in Mansfield. The interview aired on the radio station the morning of Feb. 1.