Dan Lawson Has Video Lecture Series Released

Thu, 02/09/2017 - 10:27 -- admin

​Dr. Dan Lawson, Associate Vice President of Corporate Relations, had his video lecture series released by IGI Global. The video lecture series explains the scoring and analysis of the Life Styles Inventory 1 and 2 by Human Synergistics International. 

Lawson is a certified trainer and assessor with Human Synergistics. He published a chapter on the Life Styles Inventory in the book, "
Online Instruments, Data Collection, and Electronic Measures," published by IGI Global. 

The publisher had so many requests for this individual chapter that they asked Lawson to do the video lecture series to accompany the chapter. The video lecture series can be purchased at the following link: 
 Scoring Analysis and Interpretation for the Life Styles Inventory™ by Human Synergistics®

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