Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer, AU alumni and students and collaborators publish paper on public health threat from metal exposures

Wed, 12/14/2016 - 10:02 -- admin

Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer, Trustees' Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, along with Professor of Chemistry Rebecca Corbin, Associate Professor of Geology Michael Hudson, senior biology major Meghann Fitzpatrick, and recent graduates Alison Biro and Peter Kobunski, are authors of a paper titled "Metal exposures from aluminum cookware: An unrecognized public health risk in developing countries," which has been accepted for publication in the journal Science of the Total Environment.

Inexpensive aluminum cookware is widely used throughout the developing world. Cookware from ten developing countries was tested for the leaching of toxic metals in simulated cooking. This paper documents the presence of harmful levels of lead, cadmium and aluminum in some leachates in potentially harmful levels. Exposure to these metals by corrosion of cookware may pose significant and widespread public health risks in the developing world. Samples for the study were collected with the assistance of Perry Gottesfeld, Director of Occupational Knowledge International, who is a co-author of the paper.