Dr. Jeffrey Tiel Releases Sequel

Tue, 09/27/2016 - 08:54 -- admin

Dr. Jeffrey Tiel, associate professor of philosophy, has just released Osiris Rising, the sequel to his novel, The Search for Melchizedek. Whereas The Search for Melchizedek focused on an FBI agent’s ultimate quest to uncover the identity and whereabouts of an immortal Biblical priest, Osiris Rising turns toward the revelation of the ancient Egypt god, Osiris.

The sequel’s prologue again takes the reader into the past, far further than the original book’s look at the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Osiris Rising draws us back to the pre-history of ancient Egypt where the old myths show an intriguing concourse between gods and men. But the novel then plunges that ancient mythology into the present, pitting the old myth against the new. Tiel asks, “Ancient gods and modern military technology. Who’s going to win that one?”

Whereas The Search for Melchizedek focused on male characters, Osiris Rising turns toward two of the female characters encountered in the first book. 

Tiel explains, “I really wanted to represent the perspectives of two originally antagonistic female characters and toss them into the cauldron and see what happened to them.” These characters allow Tiel to explore gender, suffering and human relationships in a uniquely enriched way compared with the first novel. 

“This is a novel about maturity, about women young in years or young in faith confronting personally and internationally traumatic circumstances that compel them toward growth,” he said. 

As with The Search for Melchizedek, Osiris Rising is chock-full of theological-philosophical musings and compelling dialogue. The significance of the imago dei (the image of God) in human nature is especially present, with the notion that human fullness requires both genders receiving prominence. International politics, ancient Roman history and the import of monarchy also become critical concepts as the characters grapple with the crushing power of a resurrected god. When asked about the role of the Christian Church within the novel, Tiel adds, “Yes, I was keen to explore a foil that would bring the Eastern Orthodox and Western churches back into alignment. The threat of Osiris definitely provided that.”

Again collaborating with AU alumni, Tiel contracted with former music and philosophy major Kara (Mitchell) Mumea both to edit and design the compelling cover art for Osiris Rising. She had already worked successfully with Tiel in the design and editing of his ”Why Did Adam Fall?” and Other Unasked-for Sermons, a collection of philosophically exploratory essays cast in the form of the homily.

Following her graduation from Ashland University in 2012, Mumea has focused her professional experience around non-profit development and fundraising work. She currently resides in Kirkland, Washington, with her husband Evan Mumea, who is also an AU alumnus.

Tiel, who joined Ashland University in 1998, previously taught at the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., as well as Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. He is an award-winning teacher, known for bringing ancient ideas to life. In addition to Philosophy of Human Nature and Faith & Reflection, Tiel also has published a collection of sermons, “Why Did Adam Fall?” and other Unasked-for Sermons, as well as the supernatural thriller precursor to Osiris Rising titled The Search for Melchizedek, all available at Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions.

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