Dr. Richard Gray participates in roundtable at NeMLA Convention

Thu, 03/30/2017 - 08:57 -- admin

Dr. Richard Gray, associate professor of French, served as a panelist in a roundtable ​discussion entitled "De la crise à l'innovation: Re-envisioning French Programs for 21st-century Learners" at the 48th Annual Northeast Modern Language Association Convention in Baltimore, Maryland (March 23-26). Gray's contribution consisted, in part, of relating the state of affairs with regard to the status of French programs on university campuses, discussing the role that Graduate programs in French must play in preparing their future graduates for the current challenges of maintaining French programs, explaining the importance of convincing university Administrators of the necessity of foreign language studies, reviewing multiple approaches for rebuilding French programs, and finally, painting a picture of the future of French programs. A brief Q&A period followed.