Dr. William Vaughan delivers papers

Thu, 03/30/2017 - 08:59 -- admin

William Vaughan, professor of Philosophy, delivered two papers, one in European philosophy, and the other in medical ethics, at professional academic conferences in the spring. The first paper, “Limit and Frame in Kant’s Aesthetics,” was delivered before the West Virginia Philosophical Society, at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa., on March 17. This was another in a series of papers spelling out 20th century influences of Kant’s aesthetics, this time in the work of French postmodernists Derrida (in Truth in Painting) and Deleuze (in Difference and Repetition). This paper also featured a discussion of some of the work of former AU Art faculty member Charles Caldemeyer. The second paper, “Is there an ‘ethic’ of the first responder?” was delivered before the Great Lakes Philosophy Consortium, Siena College, Adrian Michigan, March 25. The paper argued against universalizable principles in medical ethics from a Wittgensteinian perspective.