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Dr. Elad Granot is the Dean of the Dauch College of Business and Economics at Ashland University. Dr. Granot has over 25 years of management, administration and leadership experience in a variety of military, business and academic institutions. He has served as an executive in large multinational organizations in the US, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, and has spoken extensively to diverse groups of managers, companies, and executives around the globe on various business topics. Dr. Granot has advised numerous companies and non-profits on strategic marketing, branding strategies, qualitative marketing research, customer service, and competitive positioning.

Dr. Granot possesses a wealth of academic and professional experience, including a record of effective and inspiring leadership, proven management and financial skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Elad has a multifaceted skillset, which includes institutional planning, curriculum development, program assessment, policy development, and international educational programs and partnerships. Among his areas of expertise in academic administration and leadership are Organizational Entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship), AACSB accreditation standards, student performance assessment, Assurance of Learning (AOL), and curriculum development.

Dr. Granot has demonstrated the ability to encourage, develop, and support quality teaching, scholarly research, and creative activity, and to build effective relationships with external constituents.



Dr. Peter Schramm, professor of political science and senior fellow at the Ashbrook Center, had an op-ed column printed in the Columbus Dispatch. The column, titled "150 years later, Lincoln's words remind us what the nation is worth," discusses Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, which Schramm believes is the greatest American speech. Read the commentary at:



Dr. Craig Hovey discusses "What Makes Us Moral?"



Hear Dr. Jeff Sikkenga, associate professor of political science, discuss the Government Shutdown in an interview conducted by AU student Zack Lemon on AU's WRDL 88.9, the student-run radio station.



Dr. Peter Schramm, professor of political science, had an op-ed column printed in the Columbus Dispatch on Sept. 16. The column, titled "Exceptional nation threatens strongmen such as Putin," discusses the subject of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s New York Times op-ed last week. See the link to the article below.



Bold change: Resetting a University’s Pricing and Financial Aid Model



by Dr. Dariela Rodriguez, assistant professor of communication studies
July 2, 2013


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