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This column was printed in the Aug. 12 edition of the Mansfield News Journal and the Aug. 10 edition of the Ashland Times-Gazette.


By Dr. Joe Mackall

By the time I made my way to Mr. Stutzman’s farm to ask for his take on the renegade Amish of Bergholz, Ohio — a splinter group that includes several members recently arrested after participating in assaults on other Amish — I was too late to break the news. I knew I would be. Several of my fellow English (that is, non-Amish) residents of Ashland County had been to see Mr. Stutzman earlier that morning. All were eager to tell him of yet another Amish incident. And this was the best kind — a case of Amish-on-Amish violence.

Dr. David Vanata

By Dr. David Vanata

Lately, it's been difficult to pick up a newspaper, watch the TV or scan the Internet without seeing a report about the dangers of drinking soda. As a professor in dietetics, it's often challenging to teach my students how to weed through the overwhelming amount of junk science portrayed in the media. Thus it must be extremely difficult for the average reader to determine the validity and accuracy of these studies and reports.