Our Experts

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Assistant Professor of Inclusive Services and Exceptional Learners

Topic(s): transition, sibling issues, social inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Dr. Sarah Hall, Assistant Professor at the Columbus Center, joined Ashland University in 2010. She earned her M.A. in Special Education and Ph.D. in Educational Studies with a specialization in Educational Leadership and Higher Education from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Her research... read more
Dr. Mark Hamilton

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Topic(s): religion, philosophy, sports, abortion, air pollution, Christian apologetics, contemporary Christian issues, C.S. Lewis, cults, environment, environmental ethics, ethics, ethical issues in sports, evil pain and suffering, existentialism, just war, New Age Movement, Olympics, politics, psychology, religious issues
Dr. Mark Hamilton is associate professor of philosophy and NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, where he has taught full time since 1985. Dr. Hamilton began as an adjunct in philosophy and as assistant baseball coach in 1981. He previously served as chair... read more

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Topic(s): Historical books, Literary criticism, Ethnicity and violence in the Old Testament
Dr. L. Daniel Hawk is a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. When it comes to Old Testament scholarship and theology, Dr. Hawk is a brilliant expert. He is also an excellent communicator, able to make complex issues of theology accessible to those in... read more

Assistant Professor of Economics

Topic(s): economics of sport
Dr. Paul Holmes joined the Ashland faculty as an assistant professor of economics in 2014. He earned his undergraduate degrees in Commerce and Science from the University of Canterbury, and completed his graduate work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (M.S. Statistics, M.S.... read more

Associate Professor of Religion

Topic(s): political theology, philosophical theology, theological ethics
Dr. Craig Hovey teaches courses in Christian theology and ethics. Dr. Hovey received his Ph.D. in theology from the University of Cambridge in 2006 and his scholarship is located at the intersection of political theology, philosophical theology and theological ethics though he calls himself a "... read more

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Topic(s): marketing, international management, rapid prototyping, sales techniques, small business, cross cultural communication, international education
Professor Kristen B. Hovsepian joined Ashland College in 1980 as a part-time instructor. She became full-time in 1981, teaching primarily marketing and management courses. She was granted Assistant Professorship, in 1983, and tenure, in 1987. She created the Ashland University Business internship... read more

Associate Professor of Biology

Topic(s): Protein structural biology, Bacteriophage biology and ecology, Evolution of host-parasite interactions
My research centers on bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria. Bacteriophages are found wherever bacteria are found: essentially anywhere there are living organisms. Beyond being fascinating organisms, bacteriophages and bacteriophage proteins are also being developed as substitutes for... read more