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Dr. Carlos Campo, Ashland University President

Ashland University President

Topic(s): Hispanic Evangelicals and the 2016 election, 20th C American Drama, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Education Reform, Online Education, Demographic Change and its Impact on Higher Education, The History of Higher Education in America, Hispanic Evangelicalism
Click on this link to access the Appearances and Speaking Engagements Form for AU President Dr. Carlos Campo --https://www.ashland.edu/administration/content/presidents-appearance-req... Dr. Carlos Campo began his term as the 30th president of Ashland University on June 1, 2015, and brings a wealth... read more

Director of ACCESS Program

Topic(s): Applied Linguistics
Shane Carter has been the Director of the ACCESS Program since June of 2012. Shane has a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from Ohio University. Shane has lived extensively overseas, where he taught English as a Second Language in Korea, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Japan... read more

Associate Professor of Educational Foundations

Topic(s): education, peace and social issues, assessment, criminal justice, diversity, education and business involvement, finance of education, history of education, home schooling, no child left behind, performance evaluation, poverty, racism in America, school finance, teacher preparations, teaching standards
Dr. Cathryn Chappell, Associate Professor, joined Ashland University in 2004. Her areas of expertise include assessment, multicultural education, peace education, and social justice issues. Her primary areas of scholarship include post-secondary prison education and libraries as community centers.... read more

Assistant Professor of Inclusive Services and Exceptional Learners

Topic(s): disabilities, developmentally handicapped, autism, working with children with disabilities, including children with disabilities in the general education classroom, behavior disorders, behavior management, curriculum, instructional methods, leadership, literacy, motivation, professional development, special education, study skills, teacher preparations, teaching standards
Dr. James Chapple, Assistant Professor, joined Ashland University in 2003. He was a recipient of an Academic Mentor Award in 2009. His areas of expertise include disabilities, working with children with disabilities and including children with disabilities in the general education classroom.... read more

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Topic(s): tacit coordination, prosocial behavior
Dr. Christopher Chartier earned a B.S. in Psychology from Indiana University (2007), and an M.A. (2009) and Ph.D. (2013) in Social Psychology from Miami University. His research interests include tacit coordination and prosocial behavior. He is currently studying how shared knowledge of group... read more

Professor of Historical Theology & Wesleyan Studies

Topic(s): Charles and John Wesley, Wesleyan/Methodist spirituality and theology, Women’s studies, Applied Wesleyan studies (particularly the interface with missions/evangelism and worship.)
Dr. Paul W. Chilcote is a professor of Historical Theology & Weseleyan Studies at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. Chilcote is a gifted and gentle teacher, and the classroom has always been his most passionate context. He is a pastor at heart, listening to others, caring for... read more

Professional Instructor of Nursing, Community and Global Health Track

Topic(s): psychiatric nursing, classroom teaching strategies, learning styles, learning enviornments, relationship influencing learning, communication
Patricia Clayburn is a professional instructor of nursing. She received her MS in nursing from Walden University, her BS in nursing from MedCentral College of Nursing, and her A.S. in nursing from Atlantic Union College. Clayburn’s speciality practice is in psych/mental health nursing, and she has... read more

Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Theology

Topic(s): Biblical interpretation, Theology, Christian Theology, Formational Hermeneutics
Dr. Brenda B. Colijn is a professor of Biblical Interpretation and Theology at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. From the time she first stepped on campus as a student, Dr. Colijn has felt that being at Ashland Theological Seminary is like "coming home." The atmosphere of ATS has... read more

Graduate Programs Coordinator

Topic(s): special education
Georgine Collette is the Coordinator of Graduate Programs for Ashland University Columbus Center. She provides program support for all aspects of graduate programming including B+, M.Ed., and Professional Development Services at the Columbus Center. Prior to serving in this role, she served 35... read more
Dr. Rebecca Corbin

Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics

Topic(s): proteomics, mass spectrometry, chemical separation methods
Dr. Rebecca Corbin, professor of chemistry, joined Ashland University in 2001. She was named Outstanding Female Faculty Member of the Year in 2003 and received a national undergraduate teaching award from Iota Sigma Pi in 2007. Dr. Corbin chairs the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee. She has a... read more

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Topic(s): chemical synthesis and study of polymers that have potential for use in biomedical applications, organic and macromolecular synthesis, supramolecular
Dr. Perry Corbin, associate professor of chemistry, joined the Ashland University faculty in 2001. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Kentucky Wesleyan College, a Ph.D. in chemistry with a specialization in organic chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and he... read more

Professor of Ethics and Theology

Topic(s): Christian Ethics, Theology
Dr. Wyndy Corbin-Reuschling is a professor of Ethics and Theology at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. Corbin Reuschling fosters a true sense of collaborative learning in the classroom. She is dedicated to making sure that theology is not merely an academic exercise but takes into... read more
Diane Craig

Professional Instructor of Early Childhood Education

Topic(s): early childhood education
Diane E. Craig, Professional Instructor, joined Ashland University in 2008. Mrs. Craig has a Bachelors of Bcience in Elementary Education from The University of Akron, a MEd. In Early Ehildhood Education from Kent State University and is completing her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Kent... read more

Professional Instructor of Nursing, Department of Foundations of Health

Topic(s): using stimulation in nursing education
Jada Craze is a professional instructor of nursing in the department of Foundations of Health. She received her BSN in nursing from the MedCentral College of Nursing, and her MSN in nursing education from Walden University. She currently teaches in the classroom setting, as well as the lab and... read more
Dr. Douglas A. Dawson

Professor of Biology and Toxicology

Topic(s): biology, toxicology
Douglas A. Dawson, a professor of biology and toxicology, has been at Ashland University since 1993. He holds a B.A. in biology from Transylvania University, as well as an M.S. and Ph.D. in zoology from Oklahoma State University. He currently teaches courses in anatomy and physiology, advanced... read more

Assistant Professor of Inclusive Services and Exceptional Learners

Topic(s): transition, self-determination for students with disabilities
Dr. Stephen Denney, Assistant Professor, joined Ashland University in 2007. His areas of expertise include transition and self-determination for students with disabilities. He earned his B.A.in History from the University of Colorado and his M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Special Education from Kent State... read more

Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek

Topic(s): The Revelation of John, Hebrews, Galatians, the Old Testament Apocrypha, Second Temple Judaism, Rhetorical criticism, Social-scientific criticism
Dr. David A. deSilva is a trustee's distinguished professor of New Testament and Greek at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. deSilva is a brilliant professor who leads his students into challenging and rewarding topics, not just for the sake of learning but also for the sake of... read more

Technical Director for Theatre Department

Topic(s): technical directing, scene design
Before joining Ashland University, Mr. J. Michael Desper spent the previous 11 years as Technical Director and Resident Scene Designer at Sunset Playhouse near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he worked on nearly 90 productions. Previously, Mr. Desper freelanced in Chicago for such companies as Circle... read more
Dr. Sue Dickson

Associate Professor of Religion

Topic(s): short-term missions, world Christianity, culture and gospel, worship
Dr. Sue Dickson teaches primarily in the area of practical theology. She is an ordained Presbyterian minister. After earning her B.A., she lived in El Salvador where she worked as a film producer. When she returned to the states, she served the Presbytery of Winnebago as a hunger action enabler,... read more
Hilary Teynor Donatini

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of English

Topic(s): 18th century British literature, the novel, historical and philosophical contexts for literature, humor, satire
Hilary Teynor Donatini is a native of Bucyrus, Ohio. After earning a B.A. at The College of Wooster in 1998, she went on to The University of Wisconsin-Madison, finishing a Ph.D. in 2006 and teaching at both UW-Madison and a UW branch campus before joining Ashland's English department. She is the... read more


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