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Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Topic(s): Historical books, Literary criticism, Ethnicity and violence in the Old Testament
Dr. L. Daniel Hawk is a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. When it comes to Old Testament scholarship and theology, Dr. Hawk is a brilliant expert. He is also an excellent communicator, able to make complex issues of theology accessible to those in... read more

Assistant Professor of Economics

Topic(s): economics of sport
Dr. Paul Holmes joined the Ashland faculty as an assistant professor of economics in 2014. He earned his undergraduate degrees in Commerce and Science from the University of Canterbury, and completed his graduate work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (M.S. Statistics, M.S.... read more

Associate Professor of Religion

Topic(s): political theology, philosophical theology, theological ethics
Dr. Craig Hovey teaches courses in Christian theology and ethics. Dr. Hovey received his Ph.D. in theology from the University of Cambridge in 2006 and his scholarship is located at the intersection of political theology, philosophical theology and theological ethics though he calls himself a "... read more

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Topic(s): marketing, international management, rapid prototyping, sales techniques, small business, cross cultural communication, international education
Professor Kristen B. Hovsepian joined Ashland College in 1980 as a part-time instructor. She became full-time in 1981, teaching primarily marketing and management courses. She was granted Assistant Professorship, in 1983, and tenure, in 1987. She created the Ashland University Business internship... read more

Associate Professor of Biology

Topic(s): Protein structural biology, Bacteriophage biology and ecology, Evolution of host-parasite interactions
My research centers on bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria. Bacteriophages are found wherever bacteria are found: essentially anywhere there are living organisms. Beyond being fascinating organisms, bacteriophages and bacteriophage proteins are also being developed as substitutes for... read more
Dr. Curtis Ickes

Associate Professor of Psychology

Topic(s): psychological diagnosis and testing, sport psychology
Dr. Curt Ickes, associate professor of psychology, joined Ashland University in 1987. He earned a B.A. in psychology from Ashland College; an M.A. from the University of Akron; and his Ph. D. from Kent State University. In addition to teaching general psychology, he teaches abnormal psychology,... read more

Associate Professor of Educational Foundations

Topic(s): race, racialization, gender, immigration, achievement gaps
Dr. Rosaire Ifedi, assistant professor of foundations, inquiry and community education,joined the Ashland University faculty in 2008. She examines the intersections of race, identity, gender, and achievement in the lives of immigrant, transnational, and second language learners as well as in the... read more
Dr. Raymond Jacobs

Professor of Management and Associate Dean of the College of Business and Economics

Topic(s): operations management, management, management information systems, operations research and systems analysis, business administration, supply chain management, decision making
Dr. Raymond Jacobs, associate dean and professor of management in the Dauch College of Business and Economics, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1990. Dr. Jacobs previously served as Chair of the MBA program, and is currently Assessment Coordinator for the college. He has published articles... read more

Professor of History

Topic(s): American history, Ashland University Eagles, Ashland University history, bicycling, 19th and 20th century, racism in America, Africa, Sub-Sahara, history of American medicine, gay marriage, gay movement, AIDS, American presidency, democrats, liberalism, environmentalism: Earth Day, sport literature, history, immigrants, J.F. Kennedy, Revolutionary War, urban studies, Vietnam War
Dr. Duncan Jamieson, professor of history, came to Ashland University in 1978. His areas of expertise are in American History, Ashland University Eagles, Bicycling: Present and Past, American History: 19th & 20th Century, Racism in America, Africa: Sub-Sahara, History of American Medicine, Gay... read more

Assistant Professor of Biology

Topic(s): Defining the pathogenic mechanisms of gastrointestinal pathogens
Dr. Narveen Jandu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology/Toxicology at Ashland University.  She teaches course in Cell Biology, Human Biology and Microbiology.  Her research focuses on defining the pathogenic mechanisms of gastrointestinal pathogens and the survival of these... read more

Professional Instructor of Early Childhood Education

Topic(s): literacy, curriculum and instruction, professional development, mentoring
Terri Jewett, Professional Instructor, began teaching as an adjunct professor in 2007 and joined the faculty full time in 2014. Currently she teaches a variety of literacy courses. Her background in education includes teaching in both public and private schools and serving as a K-12 curriculum... read more

Professional Instructor of Management

Topic(s): childcare, telecommunications, long term care, educational non-profit arenas
Joan Berry Kalamas, SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), has joined the Ashland University faculty as a professional instructor in business management. She has spent 25 years serving as a senior Human Resources professional in the childcare, telecommunications, long term care, educational... read more

Associate Professor of Sports Management

Topic(s): campus recreation, therapeutic recreation, disabilities, exercise, health and nutrition, humor, Olympics, physical fitness, soccer, sports, sports administration, adapted physical education, adolescence, Alzheimer's Disease, athletics, behavior disorders
Dr. Lance Kaltenbaugh, associate professor of sport management, joined Ashland University in 2000. His areas of expertise include campus recreation and therapeutic recreation. He received the Academic Mentor Award in 2006 and has been nominated as the Outstanding Male Faculty Member in 2007. Dr.... read more

Instructor and Curriculum Coordinator for ACCESS

Topic(s): Applied Linguistics
David Karl, an instructor and Curriculum Coordinator for Ashland University's ACCESS intensive English program, has an MA in Applied Linguistics/TESOL from Ohio University, as well as a BA in History, a BS in Communications, and other grad work in history and journalism. Having spent nearly eleven... read more
Dr. Victoria Kaskey

Associate Professor of Accounting

Topic(s): managerial accounting, fraud examinations, auditing
Dr. Victoria Kaskey, assistant professor of accounting, joined Ashland University in 2008 after 17 years in corporate accounting. She is active in online learning methods and deliveries and has published and presented articles extensively in this area. Dr. Kaskey received a Bachelor of Arts degree... read more

Associate Professor of Nursing; Chair of Community & Global Health and Foundations of Health

Topic(s): nursing, academic misconduct
Juanita Reese Kline is an associate professor of nursing, as well as the chairs for community & global health, and foundations of health. She received her BSN and MSN from the Ohio State University, and her Ph.D. from Kennedy-Western University. Her research interest includes academic... read more

School Safety & Security Expert; Associate Professor of Educational Administration

Topic(s): school safety and security issues, crisis planning, school violence, issues pertaining to the principalship, discipline, educational program evaluation and assessment, The gifted, instructional methods, school business management, behavior management
.Dr. Amy Klinger is an Associate Professor of Educational Administration at Ashland University and is the Director of Programs for the Educators' School Safety Network, a non-profit training organization. Her past experience includes 26 years of service as a teacher, central office administrator,... read more
Dr. Joan Knickerbocker

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Topic(s): literature for young adults
Dr. Joan Knickerbocker, Professor, joined Ashland University faculty in 1984. She teaches courses in literacy instruction and literature for young adults. Currently, her research focuses on literature for young adults, particularly how changes in contemporary literature and changes in today's... read more

Director of Excellence in Leadership; Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Topic(s): leadership, practical theology, adult discipleship, small group ministry, pastoral care, fundamentals of coaching
Dr. Matthew A. Lewis is an assistant professor of practical theology, as well as the director of excellence in leadership at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. God profoundly met Dr. Lewis through his participation in Ashland's Pastors of Excellence program, which is what led him to help... read more

Professor of Information Systems

Topic(s): technologically mediated social networks, online learning environments, curriculum development
Dr. J. David Lifer, professor of information systems, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1983. He holds degrees from Ashland University (B.S. and MBA) and The Ohio State University (A.A.S and Ph.D.) Dr. Lifer’s teaching and research interests are in the areas of technologically mediated... read more


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