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Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Topic(s): development of methods for analysis of plant root exudates soil, contamination of consumer products with heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, chemical ecology, lead content in jewelry and toys, creationism, environment/environmental stewardship, invasive weeds, sustainable agriculture, biology
Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer has been a member of the chemistry faculty since 1989. He teaches General Chemistry, courses in analytical chemistry and core science courses including Science as a Cultural Force and Lead and Civilization. He previously served as core curriculum director. Weidenhamer’s... read more

Associate Professor of Management

Topic(s): management, organizational behavior, organizational design, organizational development, strategic planning, business communications, adult education, aging and the aged, allergies, Alzheimer's Disease, team building
Dr. Debra Westerfelt is an associate professor of business management in the Dauch College of Business and Economics. Dr. Westerfelt earned a Bachelor of Science in business education from Ashland University, a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. in business education from The Ohio State University. She... read more

Professor of Counseling

Topic(s): Psychological and educational assessment, Chemical and process addictions, Counseling ethics, Integration of formational and clincial counseling
Dr. Lee Wetherbee is a professor of counseling at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. The ongoing gift of mentoring and training Clinical Counseling students is something Dr. Wetherbee counts among his most fulfilling achievements in life. He is the type of professor whose students... read more

Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Topic(s): non-commutative ring theory, foundations of mathematics, matrix theory, technology in mathematics education, open source software, abstract algebra, linear algebra
Dr. Darren D. Wick received a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from Purdue University; a master of science degree in mathematics from Utah State University; and a doctor of philosophy degree in mathematics from the University of Oregon. Dr. Wick came to Ashland University in 2000... read more

Director of Professional Development Services

Topic(s): curriculum and instruction
Renee Yoder-Elias comes to Ashland University after working for NASA for the past 17 years in several different capacities. Most recently, she managed the NASA CORE business office, which serves as a non-profit, world-wide distribution center for NASA’s educational materials. In this role, she... read more

Professional Instructor of Nursing, Family Health Track; Director of the Nursing Simulation Lab

Topic(s): Transcultural Nursing, Cardiovascular
Lisa Young is a professional instructor of nursing. She received her MS in nursing from the Ohio State University, and her BS in nursing from Pensacola Christian College. She has a certification in CNS, and her specialty practice is in cardiovascular. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau... read more


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