Dr. Donna Breault

Dean of the Dwight Shar College of Education

Ashland University
Dr. Donna Adair Breault

Donna Adair Breault is the Dean of the Dwight Shar College of Education. She has thirty years of experience in education including work as an elementary and middle school teacher and administrator. Since entering higher education in 2000, she has served five other universities teaching in the areas of graduate curriculum studies, educational leadership, educational foundations, and educational research. Dr. Breault also served as a department chair and a Director of Program Review and Analytics before coming to Ashland. Prior to university administration, her work was primarily focused on doctoral education. She has advised over one hundred dissertation students in such areas as curriculum theory, public school administration, and higher education administration. Her former students include teachers, principals, superintendents, vice presidents of student affairs, and the Vice President of Strategy for Complete College America.

Dr. Breault’s own research spans curriculum studies, educational leadership, educational philosophy, and higher education administration. At the center of this research, she explores connections between John Dewey’s theory of inquiry and curriculum studies, educational leadership, and organizational theory. She is the author/co-author of five books including the following:

·         Curriculum as spaces: Aesthetics, community, and the politics of place New York: Peter Lang (co-authors David Callejo-Perez and William White), earning the O.L. Davis Jr. Outstanding Book Award, 2015

·         Experiencing Dewey: Insight for today’s classroom.  2nd Ed. New York, NY: Routledge. (co-author, Rick Breault)

·         Red light in the ivory tower: Contexts and challenges of entrepreneurial education. New York: Peter Lang. (co-author, David Callejo-Perez), earning the Society of Professors of Education Book Award in 2012.


In addition, Dr. Breault has published in several journals including the following: Teaching and Teacher Education, The International Journal of Leadership in Education, Planning and Change: An Educational Policy Journal, Educational Forum, Journal of Thought, and Educational Theory.

Dr. Breault’s experience in leadership in education spans schools, universities, and professional associations. She led a development team at Georgia State University to develop an executive doctorate in educational leadership. She then worked with Northern Kentucky University to create systems to support their new doctoral program in leadership, and she worked with West Virginia University to revise its doctoral program in curriculum and instruction. As Department Chair at Missouri State University, Dr. Breault oversaw the development of a leadership institute for aspiring university leaders, and she worked with faculty to develop a year-long internship. As Director of Program Review and Analytics, she identified ways to use qualitative data from field experiences as a key source of data for the College of Education’s continuous improvement process. Over the years, she has served in many leadership positions in professional associations including the Society of Professors of Education (past president), The John Dewey Special Interest Group/AERA (former Chair), The Professors of Curriculum (former factotum), Curriculum and Pedagogy (Organizational chair, site coordinator, program coordinator), and American Association of Teaching and Curriculum (member of executive team).

Dr. Breault received her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Oglethorpe University before completing her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Georgia State University in 2000. Her dissertation, Deweyan Inquiry in Georgia’s School and University Partnerships, earned the George W. Stansbury Dissertation Award.

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