Merrill Tawse

Professional Instructor of Biology

Ashland University

Merrill Tawse joined the Biology/Toxicology Department in 2010. His work with students in field research focuses on polyploidy in Ambystomid salamanders and projects via radio-telemetry in territoriality and site affinity of the secretive marsh birds, the Virginia Rails. Other student projects have included foraging and roosting behaviors of insectivorous bats in the Mohican Forest. He has conducted numerous Indiana Bat endangered species surveys throughout Ohio and surrounding states for USF&WS and ODNR.

MS in entomology, University of Nebraska
BS in zoology, Ohio State University
Courses taught
Bio 110; ecology and the human environment. 
Bio 222/223 human anatomy & physiology for nursing students.

Research Areas

Identification of foraging and prey selection of regional insectivorous bats including the Endangered Indiana Bat.
Fall swarming/mating site selection of Myotis bats
Polyploidy levels in local Ambystomid salamander population.


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