Charles and John Wesley

Dr. Paul W. Chilcote

Dr. Paul W. Chilcote is a professor of Historical Theology & Weseleyan Studies at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. Chilcote is a gifted and gentle teacher, and the classroom has always been his most passionate context. He is a pastor at heart, listening to others, caring for them, providing spiritual guidance and pointing them to Christ. This spirit also pervades his work as Academic Dean and as an accomplished author. In particular, Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit is a book that has touched many lives, and Dr. Chilcote often gets feedback from folks who say they met God while praying through the books' prayers.

One of the most critical spiritual turning points in Dr. Chilcote's life was during college, when he was struggling with a call to ministry. He distinctly remembers an Advent series of services at Valparaiso University that brought confirmation to that call. Since then, he has not only become a teacher, pastor and author, but has also found other ways to bless the Kingdom. He was privileged to be a key catalyst in the launch of the first United Methodist institution of higher learning in Africa, Africa University in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Chilcote's wife, Janet, is the love of his life. He has always been drawn to her compassionate spirit and has seen that compassion at work through their years of marriage. The Chilcotes have five daughters and several sons-in-law. Now that they are newly empty-nested, they decided to bite the bullet and adopt two rescue dogs, a Yorkie and a Bichon. Besides spending time with his family, music dominates Dr. Chilcote's hobby hours. He has been a singer all his life, and choral music is a great love.

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