Dr. Mike Reuschling

Dr. Mike Reuschling is a professor of Counseling at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

Dr. Reuschling's time at Ashland Theological Seminary has vitalized his spiritual walk and given him an outlet for one of his great loves: teaching. He is respected both in and outside his department for his wisdom, longevity in the field, and care for the students.

Dr. Reuschling considers it a gift to teach classrooms filled with students who are hungry for knowledge and for God. To that end, he cares deeply about the integration of Scripture, theology, and counseling practices, desiring that students encounter God when in his classroom and develop the habits and dispositions to be Christ to hurting people.

Ashland Theological Seminary has not only been a professional and spiritual outlet in Dr. Reuschling’s life, but also the place where he met his lovely wife, Wyndy, who is also a professor. In his free time, Dr. Reuschling enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with family. He also enjoys studying and reading and has a fondness for any book by Eugene Peterson or Walter Brueggemann. He is an “Ohio boy,” born and raised in the snowbelt of northern Ohio and still loves snow to this day.

Dr. David P. Mann

Dr. David P. Mann is an associate professor of Counseling, as well as the director of Counseling at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

When Dr. Mann was a student at Ashland Theological Seminary, he experienced a time of deep personal growth through classes, chapels, and his cohort small group. Now as a faculty member, he makes it his goal to invest in students in the same transformational way.

Dr. Mann is admired both on- and off-campus for his wisdom and expertise. In addition to being elected president of the Ohio Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (OACES) and the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA), he has also been honored as the Outstanding Alumnus of Kent State University's CHDS doctoral program and was chosen for the Academic Mentor Award here at Ashland Theological Seminary.

Before he came on faculty at ATS, Dr. Mann could help a limited number of people through various roles he held over the years: outpatient counselor, Hospice chaplain, pastor. Now as a faculty member, he has the opportunity to train future counselors, multiplying his scope of impact. Nothing gives him greater joy than seeing students take what they’ve learned and apply it as they counsel hurting individuals, couples, and families.

Dr. Mann’s hobbies center around the great outdoors, including motorcycle trips and riding in his Jeep through the countryside or along the Great Lakes. He also enjoys visiting lighthouses along the Great Lakes shoreline and being on the beach of Lake Michigan. When taking walks through the woods, he makes sure to have his camera on hand to capture nature’s beauty.

Dr. Tony Donofrio

Dr. Tony Donofrio is an associate professor of counseling at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

As a 1999 graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary, Dr. Donofrio was a beneficiary of the seminary's academic excellence, emphasis on God's word, and rich sense of Christian community. Ultimately, his experiences at ATS, and the manner in which they contributed to his personal, professional, and spiritual formation prompted an interest to pursue a faculty position and reinvest in the same community from which he had so greatly benefited.

What Dr. Donofrio most appreciates about ATS is the quality of individuals working in all capacities at the seminary, united by their shared commitment to Christ. They create a wonderful culture of accountability, friendship, support, and joy which enrich both his life and his spiritual journey. Similarly, the students who attend ATS evidence lives and ministries which are centered in Christ; Dr. Donofrio finds their enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and devotion both inspiring and challenging.

The most significant transformations in Dr. Donofrio’s faith journey have occurred within the context of relationship. There are several specific experiences that stand out in his mind as substantial catalysts for spiritual growth: his years as a youth pastor, the mentorship of his senior pastor, and his education at Ashland Theological Seminary. Additionally, the joys and challenges of being a husband and father have expanded his perspective of God and exposed blind-spots in his life which would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Dr. Donofrio and his wife were high school sweethearts who married after finishing college. The Donofrios now have two, wonderful daughters, who have transformed their lives. They enjoy traveling as a family, especially if it involves spending a day at a water park or wandering around Cabela’s. Dr. Donofrio’s other hobbies include playing tennis, hiking, tinkering with technology, and attending his daughters' sporting events.

Nancy Udolph

Nancy Udolph

Professor Udolph has been a faculty member since 1988. She received her MSSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Illinois. Prior to teaching, she was a clinical social worker and still maintains a small counseling practice. She specializes in micro practice courses and international social work. She has spoken at state, national and international conferences on a variety of topics including cultural competence, working with indigenous populations, and the social construction of difference. Professor Udolph is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers and serves as a delegate to the NASW Delegate Assembly. She is also a member of the NASW-Ohio International Service committee. She is active in the community, serving on the Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence Task Force and the Youth Crisis Response Team. Professor Udolph received the Ohio NASW Region VIII Outstanding Service Award in 2008 and the Panhellenic Council Faculty Member of the Year Award in 2009.

MSSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
UG degree in psychology from the University of Illinois

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