digital media technologies

Dr. David McCoy

Dr. David McCoy, assistant professor of journalism and digital media, joined the Ashland University faculty in 2011. He taught journalism, film, digital media production and education courses for more than 25 years, including his specialty areas which are new media aesthetics, scriptwriting and historical documentary. He holds a B.A. in telecommunications, a M.Ed. in educational technology and a Ph.D. in the cultural foundations of education from Kent State University. Dr. McCoy created numerous award-winning documentaries and public affairs programs for Western Reserve Public Media/WNEO and WEAO PBS Channels 45 &49. Moreover, he is a contributing author to the book, “Sound and Look Professional on Television and the Internet.” His primary research area is the impact of social media technologies on learning, and his teaching areas include: video/audio aesthetics, the global impact of social media, media writing and digital media technologies.

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