Greco-Roman slavery

Dr. Mitzi J. Smith

Dr. Mitzi J. Smith is a associate professor of New Testament and Early Christian Origins at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

Dr. Smith views teaching at Ashland Theological Seminary as a rewarding challenge, and she works hard to meet the needs of students with excellence and integrity. Her compassion and creative leadership combine to produce a classroom environment filled with laughter, inspiration, and challenging academics.

One of the most pivotal points in Dr. Smith's life was when she decided to pursue the call to ministry, even as those around her were convinced that women don't belong in Christian leadership. At the risk of losing others' approval, Dr. Smith began the journey, realizing that her call was from God, rather than a specific denomination or school of thought. She stepped out in faith, knowing that God transcends denominations and institutions.

After earning several impressive degrees, Dr. Smith found her niche teaching at Ashland Theological Seminary. She appreciates the fact that, in the midst of academic excellence, ATS also embraces diversity, rather than expecting all faculty to look, teach, and think the same way. Each faculty member is encouraged to have their own voice, and in turn, students are empowered in the same way. Due to the obstacles she overcame in her pursuit of God's call, Dr. Smith knows the full value of this.

Whenever she can squeeze a trip into her schedule, Dr. Smith loves to see the world. The list of destinations to which she's traveled is large and continually growing. She's explored such interesting places as Greece, Ecuador, Ghana, Maui, Cancun, Italy and many more! Her desire is to visit more natural wonders within the United States over the next few years. When she's not hopping from continent to continent, Dr. Smith enjoys urban ballroom dancing, exercise, and a wide range of music, from opera to country to rap.

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