history of social welfare

Dr. Michael Vimont

Dr. Michael Vimont is Director of the social work department. He has been a practicing social worker since 1981. His diverse practice has taken him to Texas, California and Ohio working in the areas of child welfare, school social work, community development, home health care, domestic violence and substance use. Beginning in 1993, Dr. Vimont augmented his practice with teaching social work and sociology courses as an adjunct instructor at four colleges prior to his hire at Ashland University. His interest in research and teaching took him to The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences’ doctoral program where he completed his dissertation in January of 2011. His primary research interest involves concepts related to developmental youth assets and how communities can help foster them. Other areas of research and teaching interests include social policy development, history of social welfare, child welfare issues and domestic poverty programming. Dr. Vimont is an active member of the National Association of Social Work and has been a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers since 1992. He currently serves as a data analysis consultant for Wayne County’s Family and Children First Council.

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