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Dr. Dariela Rodriguez

Dr. Dariela Rodriguez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies with a specialization in Sport Communication. Dr. Rodriguez received both her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Public Relations and her Master of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She recently was awarded the Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Oklahoma. She joined the Department of Communication Studies at Ashland University in Fall of 2012. Dr. Rodriguez brings a wealth of experience in teaching and coaching at all levels of education which includes teaching debate and English to high school students, coaching debate and various athletic sports teams, as well as teaching undergraduate students at several institutions.

Dr. Rodriguez’s research interest are varied with her main focus being on the interpersonal and team dynamics in sport which include coaching effectiveness based on generational differences and how these generational differences set the expectations for both the coach and athlete. She has also worked with some of the top scholars on interpersonal deception and communication in palliative care. This work has garnered several publications in top peer reviewed journals and numerous conference papers. Dr. Rodriguez’s latest project is writing a book entitled “Sport Communication: An Interpersonal Perspective” which will be published by Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company. This book will be the first to focus exclusively on the interpersonal dynamics that occur between and among members of various sport entities.

Dr. Rodriguez serves as the Coordinator for the Sport Communication program and teaches several courses such as Sport and Culture, Foundations of Sport Communication, Seminar in Sport Communication, Sport Public Relations among others. She is also heavily involved in the transformation of the department as the development a revised Sport Communication Curriculum and the development of new undergraduate and graduate programs in Health and Risk Communication which we expect to be offered in the Fall of 2013 and the Spring of 2014 respectively. Dr. Rodriguez says “I am excited about the changes that are happening in the Sport Communication program. We are working within the department to help develop our students into contenders for graduate study by creating a program based on scholarship. The department is expanding our reaches in the field of Communication through revamping of the Sport Communication program and development of the Health and Risk Communication program. These programs are more research based and the students are already excited about the new opportunities that the Department of Communication Studies will provide.

Dr. Rodriguez loves the students her at Ashland stating “The students are very hard working, and interested in helping the Department of Communication Studies grow. They are working hard on research, conference participation, and the growth of the various Department clubs here at the University. They are a fun group to teach, and have formed strong peer bonds that have fostered a mentor-like feel that is great for new students to the Department.

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