Dr. Matthew A. Lewis

Dr. Matthew A. Lewis is an assistant professor of practical theology, as well as the director of excellence in leadership at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

God profoundly met Dr. Lewis through his participation in Ashland's Pastors of Excellence program, which is what led him to help with the program and eventually direct it. He views his position as a chance to bring vitality to spiritual leaders, through mentoring and encouragement, and he loves hearing firsthand the life-changing stories of pastors who are positively affected through the program.

Dr. Lewis' upbeat attitude is contagious, and he brings a gentle, positive atmosphere to any classroom, retreat or seminar. He particularly loves the chance to lead in a missions context.

Dr. Lewis enjoys spending time with his wife, Lori, and their three wonderful children. If he has a day to get away, Dr. Lewis loves the wilderness and feels completely content and whole when he gets a chance to rock climb with a friend. He also enjoys traveling to national parks, primarily in the United States but all over the world as well.

Dr. David W. Baker

Dr. David Baker is a professor of Old Testament and Semitric Languages at the Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. Baker is a brilliant professor, whose classes are stretching and informative. He is the author of a long list of works and is recognized as an international Old Testament scholar. One of his most fulfilling academic achievements is as an editor, helping others achieve publishing success.

In his 25+ years at Ashland Theological Seminary, Dr. Baker finds that he most appreciates the diversity of ATS. In one of his hermeneutics classes, he had the privilege of studying with Protestant, Catholic and Greek Orthodox students. Discussing a topic such as canon was enriched through having at least three different canons and perspectives within the same class.

Dr. Baker had an interesting journey leading up to his position at ATS. At the end of the apartheid era, Dr. Baker was teaching in South Africa. Unfortunately, the social and political situation was deteriorating and he feared for the safety of his family. That's when God opened the door for them to migrate to Ashland, where, among cornfields and Amish buggies, there wasn't much of a safety threat!

Beyond teaching and writing, Dr. Baker enjoys traveling, particularly to New Zealand, the Pacific Northwest and Salzburg, Austria. He also finds time to watch British dramas and police procedurals, read, listen to a bit of classical or soft rock music and spend time with his family, including three adorable granddaughters.

Dr. James Chapple

Dr. James Chapple, Assistant Professor, joined Ashland University in 2003. He was a recipient of an Academic Mentor Award in 2009. His areas of expertise include disabilities, working with children with disabilities and including children with disabilities in the general education classroom. Chapple holds a master of science degree from Bowling Green State University, a bachelor of science degree from Miami University and an Ed.D. degree from Ashland University.

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