outdoor education and research

Merrill Tawse

Merrill Tawse, recently joined Ashland University from the MedCentral College of Nursing science department, he is currently teaching human anatomy and physiology to nursing students. Previous experiences include over 30 years in outdoor education and research at the Gorman Nature Center. His areas of expertise includes the distribution and foraging behaviors of the insectivorous bats found within the four state region through the utilization of, mist netting, acoustic monitoring, radio-telemetry and fecal pellet analysis. Previous field experiences include numerous survey projects directed by USF&WS, NASA and ODNR. Grants for several long-term research projects at Mohican State Forest, the Ravenna Army Arsenal and Killbuck Wildlife areas have been secured from Ohio Biological Survey, Ohio Division of Wildlife and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Instruction in the human anatomy and physiology (Bio 222/223) classes allow the Ashland University students a unique opportunity to be involved student based cadaver work uncommon in smaller colleges and universities.

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