Dr. Michael B. Thompson

Dr. Michael B. Thompson is a professor of Practical Theology at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

Dr. Thompson has a passionate and honest heart for the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in and through the faculty, staff and students at Ashland Theological Seminary. His work as a professor illustrates the very thing that makes ATS such a dynamic place to learn and grow: Like many faculty members, he is a pastor first and a professor second. Whether he's interacting with students or shepherding the folks in his growing church congregration, Dr. Thompson realizes that people often need to receive care and love more than they need to be lectured and graded. He conducts his classes with humility and a servant's heart, as he teaches students to do the same in their own ministry context.

Dr. Thompson has been a part of ATS off and on since the mid-eighties when he came to complete a second Master's degree. Twenty-some years later, when given an opportunity to serve on faculty, he leapt at the chance to be a part of this community.

Dr. Thompson is married to Josetta and is father to two adult children. He is a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan and his family's designated pizza-maker.

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