The Revelation of John

Dr. David A. deSilva

Dr. David A. deSilva is a trustee's distinguished professor of New Testament and Greek at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

Dr. deSilva is a brilliant professor who leads his students into challenging and rewarding topics, not just for the sake of learning but also for the sake of transformation. One of his many contributions to the Kingdom is his collection of published works. In particular, he is most proud of the Introduction to the New Testament, which has nurtured countless Christian workers even beyond the walls of Ashland Theological Seminary.

A landmark in Dr. deSilva's spiritual life was the Gospel of Matthew, which he read in its entirety as a young boy. God used that reading to bring him into an encounter with Jesus. Dr. deSilva also cites the liturgy and hymnody of the Episcopal Church as very formative in his walk with Christ.

Dr. deSilva has a gift for music, having been an organist and choir director in the church setting since his undergraduate years. He's even had some anthems and organ arrangements published. His favorite types of music are Renaissance and Baroque.

In addition to his musical interests, Dr. deSilva enjoys pulse-pounding movies, Indian food, and traveling to other cultures. Above all, his chief love is spending time with his wife and playing with his three sons. If you find Nerf gun pellets around the seminary, they are probably the leftovers of the deSilvas' after-hours commando raids on each other.

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