Robinson Jeffers

Dr. Deborah Fleming

Editor of the Ashland Poetry Press, Deborah Fleming, professor of English, received her PhD from Ohio State University. Her books include Without Leave, a novel published by Black Mountain Press; Morning, Winter Solstice, a collection of poetry published by Vineyard Press; "A man who does not exist": The Irish Peasant in the Work of W. B. Yeats and J. M. Synge (University of Michigan Press); and Towers Beyond Tragedy: Yeats's Influence on Robinson Jeffers (University of South Carolina Press). She received the Asheville Award in the Novel, the Vandewater Poetry Award, and a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. She teaches creative writing, literature, and composition, and her research interests are W. B. Yeats, Robinson Jeffers, Anglo-Irish literature, modern poetry, and environmentalist literature. She has been a keynote speaker at the W. B. Yeats Society of New York and the Tor House Foundation Fall Festival.

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