Wesleyan Evangelistic practices

Dr. William P. Payne

Dr. William P. Payne is the The Harlan and Wilma Hollewell Professor of Evangelism and World Missions at the Ashland University Theological Seminary.

Dr. Payne is a natural evangelist and a gifted pastor who loves to pray with and over people. Due to the learning disabilities and speech problems that plagued him in elementary school, his current gifts are a true testament to God’s grace and provision. Dr. Payne looks for the Spirit to invade his classes at Ashland Theological Seminary. During many class sessions, he has clearly sensed the Lord’s thick presence, and there have been times when a class devotion turned into a spontaneous outpouring of the Spirit, shaking things up in ways only God can.

Dr. Payne is not only a professor; he has also served as a Navy and Marine Corps chaplain for many years, providing him with ministry opportunities in 27 countries. He pastored Cuban refugee camps in Panama and planted Hispanic ministries throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Having traveled extensively, Dr. Payne has enjoyed the multicultural variety of living in Puerto Rico, Japan, Panama, England, and Iraq, as well as many different locations within the United States. When he vacations, he is drawn to the Caribbean or Spanish-speaking destinations.

While serving as a counselor at a United Methodist youth camp, Dr. Payne met his bride, Ann. It was a romance completely arranged by the Lord, with both of them receiving very specific confirmation from God that this was His intended match for them. They now have three wonderful children, William, Elizabeth, and Mary.

Dr. Payne enjoys a wide variety of sports and has particularly loved soccer from an early age. In addition to school teams, he played in a multinational recreational league and coached youth soccer for many years. His other hobbies include creative photography, hiking, and running.

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